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Great academics and culture. A very diverse group of students. Great lack of transparency from administration, unfortunately.
Most people come here for the academics, and I definitely feel like I am getting a quality education with great and friendly teachers. There are also other things to do including a good variety of clubs and sports. The building is old and pretty bad, but a new one is currently being built.
We did not have much flexibility with our schedules. We were not allowed to take AP classes until junior year, and during junior year we could only take a maximum of two. Classes with mixed grade levels are rare. They recently instated a rule saying that students cannot double up on classes of one subject. For example, if I want to take both chemistry and biology, I cannot take both in one year since they are both science classes. Some teachers very strict and are hesitant to listen to students. That being said, the curriculum is very strong and I am very happy with the education I am getting. While some staff are more strict and aloof, the majority of the teachers and staff are sweet and love communicating with the students. There is a wide variety of sports, clubs, and other activities students can participate in to make friends. The building is a little old and run-down, but they are renovating it this year.
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Academics at Sharon High School set the standards of the prestige behind a diploma for this educational facility. I've taken college-level courses outside of Sharon High School and the standard/honors courses at Sharon High were more difficult. Further, the teachers were always supplied and access to technology and resources was never an issue. Sharon High School pledged to give students an incredible learning experience and the students definitely received it.
Sharon High School has a toxic competitive environment, but the teachers are amazing. They have some work to do when it comes to administration transparency and incorporating racial equality into the curriculum. Overall, I made amazing friends there.
My family and I moved to Sharon for it's great schooling system and academics. Sharon High School has great teachers and a multitude of programs, clubs, activities, and sports to get involved in. Despite being diverse, the school is a predominantly White population. I think it's diverse in the sense of how many different ethnicities are represented rather than the amount of each ethnicity present in the school.
The only reason Sharon High School receives good reviews/ratings is that it is full of overworked, high achieving students that are put under constant pressure. The self-learned competition of these students is reflected in high test scores but leaves a lasting negative impact on their mental health. Some of the teachers are quite good and deserve a better teaching environment, but the administration treats students terribly and enforces ridiculous rules. Often, students can not even walk through the halls (even if they get permission by a teacher) without being reprimanded/questioned. Terrible infrastructure, access to clubs, and food, which puts students at a great disadvantage compared to other more modern and advanced school districts.
Sharon High School is a great school with amazing events and teachers. The teachers here are tough, but I have gotten straight As this year. Even though school is online for a while, the teachers do a great job putting everything together. More importantly, the 6 guidance counselors do an amazing job helping out students, as I have found this year. Overall, SHS is a great school for a future of success.

The reason I took away a star is because of the terrible food... don't buy school lunch.
The atmosphere was much too competitive for my personality, and I feel that a lot of very bright students go unseen because of the competitive nature of the school. Although I do think that the atmosphere is overbearing, I think that the majority of the teachers are excellent, and I appreciate the education that I received.
Sharon High School is a school with a very good education system. SHS has very good academics and most teachers care for each of their students.
The students are very white and privileged. Definitely a racism problem at the school. People have said the N-word in front of me multiple times. The grading techniques vary and academic pressure are very intense, and still to this day causes me to be an anxious perfectionist. The school doesnt pay attention to the special ed students or the students' mental health. I had to threaten the school with a lawyer in order for me to go to a school that could meet my needs. The administration has also dismissed misconduct with teachers multiple times. They only care about the school reputation not the students. Theyre all about MCAS and put a TON of pressure on the students to do well. And by that I mean lying about a 5 paragraph requirement for the MCAS essay. Social atmosphere is clique-y and judgemental. Everyone has substance abuse problems to deal with the pressures of this school. If you have existing problems with your mental health dont go here. Good education but thats it
I received a great education from some good teachers. I feel confident moving to the next chapter of my life.
They will be building a new high school building next year so unfortunately I won't benefit from that. They need to hire more arts teachers.
I would like to see change in communication between the administration and the students. The atmosphere of the school is pretty good, but it is high school of course. Wish there were more things happening to keep campus more lively, but pretty good nonetheless.
Sharon High School does an excellent job of preparing its students for college; however, there's a lack of flexibility in the classes that can be taken during the first few years and a pressure to take AP classes during junior and senior year.
My child currently attends SHS and it is a vastly diverse institution and offers many opportunities for advancement.
I would really like to see the culture change because no one has good mental health due to the constant stress and toxicity of the students. However, we receive a good education and we have good teachers.
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The curriculum and teachers are great, however the building needs major improving. Also there is very little diversity and students tend to be racist or homophobic.
I liked being able to communicate with my teachers at any moment and being able to talk with my guidance councilor any time I needed. I think I learned a lot about myself in how to communicate with others and people who are older than me and younger than me. Sharon High has taught me lots of life lessons in communication and when to speak up for myself.
Better food and maybe improvement sports wise like extracurricular activities. Otherwise I think teachers and staff are doing a really good job in maintaining all the crisis we have experienced over the past years. The community itself was a great place for this school to develop and learn. Right now it is sort of in a state where things are not settles down. But I do believe this school has what it takes to become a better place for everyone.
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