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Shamokin Area is an amazing school filled with great people and plenty of opportunities. The teachers all take their jobs very seriously and try to make the students' experiences there pleasant. There is an abundance of sports and organizations to join, such as the volleyball team and interact club, and there is always some sort of community event going on. It's a fantastic place!
Shamokin Area High School prepared me for college as much as possible. Most teachers are really dedicated to helping you learn and be prepared for wherever you go next.
I enjoy all the creativity that happens in my school. The band brings back many trophies from competition, the sport teams do very well at games, and the art students make amazing artwork.
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I transferred from a private school to Shamokin Area High School and they were very welcoming. I quickly made friends. The teachers were very resourceful and the AP courses are vigorous. I feel like the prepared us for college in and out of the classroom. The only thing I would like to see change is for them to stop drooling over football and look at all sports equally.
Before the school day even starts every single student must go through the four total metal detectors that takes a long time sometimes in the blistering cold, there is a dress code in place in the school which in of its self is no problem but when only some students get in trouble for specific things. the school puts too much emfasas on the wrong things there are students who will do no work in class and pass because they asked the teacher nicely if they could have a 100 when they deserve a 14. and don't even get me started on the guidance counseler and the office situation
Shamokin Area High School is a pretty excellent school. Though the board of directors only care about football and that's what most of the schools money goes toward. The music departments budget keeps getting cut in half, they basically have no money. I would really like to see some more money going to the music department. Also might I add that there band has was many competitions and they get little recognition for it.
Shamokin has some fantastic teachers, it's mainly everything else that's the problem. While they've been working to incorporate more clubs, there aren't that many available. There's also virtually no college prep offered, the only things being the AP courses offered, but even those are mainly focused on math and science. The administration has the tendency to blame all of their problems on everyone but themselves. There's a plethora of other issues - like the dress code (which directly discriminates against low income families), or their new rules for "safety" - as well.
Students require more attention while studying at this school district. If I needed help, many teachers would direct me toward another student, learning the same material, rather than help me with the written work myself.
I have been attending this school district since Pre-K. My favorite thing about the district is how helpful the teachers are. Teachers are everything when it comes to school, they can make or break your whole experience. I have hardly ever had any issue with any teacher involved with the district. Each and every teacher is different, but they all have the same goal... which is to make sure every student heading out into the world is ready for what's to come!
I say it's good because they have several amazing classes that I've gotten to take and great people I've met. There are a lot of amazing teachers and staff, and most try to make the classes interesting for the students. For example, every social studies class I've had since 7th grade has been absolutely amazing because of the teachers (otherwise I'd be a bit bored). My biggest issue with the school is that they fund the sports that don't do well, too much. And only about 25% of students do an art program (take an art class or do band) because of sever lack of funding. I also wish we had more classes and clubs, but I understand why we can't have a lot more, due to it being a small area. Though, a great thing is that there has been more diversity in the last two years, and a lot of people have become more accepting of different races, sexualities, and genders!
It was hard at first considering I am a shy and "secluded" african american coming from a small city to a rural town in 8th grade with not much to see. I quickly met accepting people and am honored to say that racism is very low here. There was maybe less than a handful racist situations. It is surprisingly not a big problem here. There are lots of drama tho. Lots of issues within students. Students fighting, students not caring, students having attitude with staff. Thats our main issue. Just kids who do not care. There are however lots of talented and focused students but sometimes it is hard to notice them. Overall the school is a 6.5 out of a 10. Amazing staff for the most part. I graduated this year
This year has been my first year at Shamokin Area High School.
Having moved from Reading, I had somewhat high expectations of Shamokin, and most were reached.
The music department is incredible, (most) of the teachers are friendly and patient, and the work is challenging.

One major flaw the school suffers from is putting an unnecessarily large sum of money into the sports department, neglecting many other things (bathroom stalls, the arts, etc.)
Riding off of this, the arrogance of some of the students (sometimes staff) who participate in the athletic department is astonishing, often provoking others.

Overall, poor fund management aside, the school is great, and is an amazing choice.
I loved how the school always had so many things to do. Sports not your thing? They have art and music programs, and several clubs. In the recent situation with money shortages with most school in the United States the teachers fought to keep the programs for the students. The school board in general thought that any program that their money should be going into should be sports related. The one thing I would love to see change is the opinions of the school board or a change of who is in there calling the shots.
Some of the teachers at this school are dedicated to their students, while others are not. There are not many opportunities to experience or develop new skills that other schools in the area have provided.
I really love the teachers and how much they care about you. As long as you are respectful and have a willingness to learn and can pay attention, you'll do great. Every staff member truly cares about the students. I had a wonderful experience there at Shamokin.
Shamokin Area High School is unique. The students and faculty are from all walks of life. We have a French teacher from Africa, histories who have formed a rock band called Ninth Period, and a music department that's small but mighty.
The teachers were all different of course. But most of the teachers were honestly there to recieve a paycheck and go home. Mr G our math teacher was the man. If it hadnt been for him i may not have ever graduated. He pushed me even when i was having a bad day.
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Honestly, it's not a bad school. The area makes it bad. The poverty in our town is terrible. You can tell in school. Those who are poor usually don't care about their grades or performance in school. It's very sad. But the school itself is great. It's clean and not dirty like people say.
I have had great teachers all 4 years, but I'm very aware of the teachers that aren't so great. There are only a few great ones, most are below average.
The school district does everything they are able to do to keep each student safe. When it comes to bullying we have a club that helps prevent people from doing so. We also have security cameras, metal detectors, security guards/police and occasional visit from police dogs. I personally feel safe at all time while in school and I'm sure many others would agree.
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