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My experience at Shadow Creek is very interesting, to say the least. I love the academic rigor that the school offers. I enjoy the diverse population of students that Shadow Creek contains. Most importantly, I truly believe that Shadow Creek has prepared me very well for college, which I will be attending in the fall of 2020. However, Shadow Creek can improve on the quality of teacher and administration because there were several classes that I had to self-study for due to the teachers lack of help.
I liked the teachers and diverse community at Shadow Creek. It was an interesting mix to see so many different types of people and their backgrounds. I would like to see them take more pride in their accomplishments and really show off their school pride.
Shadow creek high school has been a very good stepping to stone to prepare me for college.The teachers are very hands on with making sure your school experience is beneficial.Faculty and staff are very helpful and the students are very enjoyable to learn around.
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I like the student diversity this school has and its raging school spirit. A little overcrowded but everything works out well. Great facilities but the school needs to broaden its support and not focus solely on major sports or organizations. Safety is also a bit concerning because classroom walls are made of glass. Overall, exceptional academic, recreational, and athletics programs.
I moved to this school in January 2019 and this school is absolutely amazing! There is always something going on and nobody is ever left out. There are clubs for everyone to join. The teachers take their job very seriously and try their best to help every student succeed in their class.
I enjoyed the gradual changes in food quality and the quality of the school's facilities in general. I would want some of the teachers to be more on top of their game with grades instead of waiting last minute.
The availability of so many different classes and clubs, and the diversity at this school is amazing.
Shadow Creek is a great school. It is a new one so we dont have the same advantages as other schools in Pearland or in the cities around us. You just have to make the best out of it.
A modern high school established in 2016. Diverse students and friendly faculty, but the higher up staff are at times disconnected from the majority of students
Very strong culture. Extremely diverse. Strong academic focus with a variety of extracurricular activities
Shadow Creek High School is a good school! The teachers have very creative lessons that engage the students and overall improves the student's performance in other activities. SCHS is every diverse, and the student's attitude towards each other reflect it. Shadow creek also has very helpful staff also in the school.
My experience with shadow creek high school has been amazing. I am getting great support from staff and students. And I love coming to school it really has been a great year so far.
I have been going to Shadow Creek High School for the entirety of my high school career. My class will be the first class to graduate upon completing high school in the first four years of Shadow Creek being opened. I have seen the school grow each year which has been a beautiful sight to see. Our community has been through so much like no other. Our football made it to state playoffs in their first year of playing varsity which was very exciting and thrilling. We also had Hurricane Harvey that sadly destroyed many homes, but fortunately enough we have slowly recovered from it. My time at Shadow Creek has been an incredible experience and I will deeply miss our culture once I leave for college. Shadow Creek has taught me so much and I am so incredibly grateful to be able to be part of this amazing journey. Fins up Creek!
The diversity is absolutely awesome. Every single sport has great coaches and really motivates to push towards the top. The teachers challenge students to do their best every day. I absolutely love the school and I’d recommend it everyone.
Shadow Creek High School is a great school! The teacher have very creative lesson that engage the students and overall improves the students performance in other activities. SCHS is every diverse, and the students attitude towards each other reflect it.
Shadow Creel High School is a really great school. It is very diverse with amazing clubs, organizations, and sports teams that make students feel right at home. All of the teachers are amazing at their jobs and the students are always there to assist one another. Overall, Shadow Creek is a great environment for highschool students
My experience at Shadow Creek High School was a very interesting one. I had just transferred from Manvel High School because of the rezoning, and at first, I did not have fun at all. I was not used to this new school, and I faced a lot of challenges. My Assistant Principal was truly someone helped me make it through and in the end I was glad that I attended this school because I gained my diploma, friends for life, and I would not be who I am today if I had stayed at Manvel.
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students in this school are not going to study, they are going to have fun .
they do make fun of teachers snapchating them . they are the fashionest students among all the isds !!!
the school does not have the academic atmosphere !!!
the school does not attract students to work hard to give more effort for their future !!!!
As an incoming senior, my past 3 years at this school were honestly rigorous but rewarding. I made a ton of wonderful friends and the diversity that is present in this community is so overwhelming that it is truly a comfort to those who are in the minority. At Shadow Creek, the minority IS the majority. The teaching staff really cares about the welfare of the students however, there are some anomalies as all schools have.
Shadow Creek High School is the leading high school of the Alvin ISD district. From Expert teachers to a diverse student body, and beautiful school design, they prove that they are a role model other schools and students can look up to. Students are welcomed to express themselves, whether it be the fashion statements they wear or the art they produce. Shadow Creek aims to create students who will impact society in their own way; At home, school or in the community
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