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Worst School District I've ever experienced. Completely Recommend Against.
District 81 does not support Students getting an education or even completing high school. They don't even respect due process or the constitution of the United States of America.
If you come here, be prepared to make lifelong enemies and be subjected to a straight up criminal culture that is overtly racist, hostile, and bigoted.
You won't even make any friends here anyways. So how do you think they will treat you if you just moved into Spokane? Be prepared to just "pass through".
Not funny at all and definitely not how any student envisioned getting an education. But they sure know how to get money from the taxpayers. How Clever.
Second worst in WA state only behind Evergreen State College. Very nasty students and absolute morons beneath that phony tough front they put up.
Also, don't think that you will learn anything here. It comes down to whether or not you just got lucky in passing a "Standardized test".
There’s lots of passionate and caring teachers, counselors, and support staff, but administration is not as supportive. The environment of the school is not the most welcoming, students are rude and undisciplined by the administration. Too many times I have seen them punish the victim instead of the perpetrator. One good thing about the school are the teachers and support staff. They care deeply about students, and will do anything to help them succeed.
Love it! Super supportive and helpful staff, useful knowledge and skills. Good, welcoming environment.
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Shadle Park is a great school with lots of options for you to find where you fit in and where you can get connected to. All of the staff wants you to do your best and wants you to do what is best for you not what the "system" is telling you to do. Also, everyone has so much spirit for our school and its is very welcoming.
I've been blessed with a great high school experience. I'm a big part of the culture at Shadle Park being a cheerleader, on the varsity soccer team, varsity tennis player, member of National Honor Society, in our leadership class and a Highlander Helper. I have met some amazing people and taught by some amazing teachers who actually care about your learning. My favorite part is seeing the special education students smiling faces every morning, so excited to see their best friends. We have tried so hard to shape our environment to fit every unique student we have at Shadle. It's so hard to satisfy every student, which makes to spirit hard to bring out of some people. Overall, Shadle Park has evolved into the unique school with students from all walks of life and we are only going up from here.
I am currently enrolled in Shadle Park High School as a sophomore. Over the past two years, I have seen it at its best and its worst. I have had the most amazing coaches and teachers a person could ask for. I have been to football games and cheered on my teammates during softball games. Both have been amazing experiences. I have also witnessed students unaware of their goals and uninvolved in their school. Overall, I enjoy Shadle. However, I do think students could be more involved in their education.
The people and teachers are pretty nice, it just depends, as it does everywhere. You get a mixed batch of good and poor teachers, but the good teachers you do have really are the best. We have lots of extracurricular activities and sports. The student body itself isn't very involved, and we have occasional fights, vaping, etc. It is just a typical high school, but the best parts are the sports and after school activities, and connections you make with the good teachers.
The teachers are great and very understanding and willing to help the facilities are clean and very well kept up the general atmosphere is usually happy and everyone will greet you with a smile
Amazing teachers and faculty there, and a great place to cultivate a great education! I really appreciate the Highland pipe band--it is definitely special and very unique to Shadle.
Shadle Park is a very basic school. Lots of different types of students, and teachers. There is great classes just teachers are unsure about how to teach them. The admin at Shadle cares about the students but often forgets that students would like a say in your school, admin usually goes about deciding actions without thinking about students opinions. I do feel like i got the most out of high school. I would like to see change in teachers view on students and favoritism. Also i would like to see a move united student body.
Shadle could improve on their spirit. Could work on being more supportive of our clubs and sports. Have a better atmosphere between students. I like that we have pretty good teachers for the most part. We have a nice selection of classes that you can take.
I love Shadle Park! I will have completed my four years here in June and I have loved the time that I have spent here. The teachers and staff are fantastic and do everything in their power to give every kid the best experience.
I loved my choir class, it was my favorite part of the day. Ms. Cammarano is the best choir teacher, I've ever had. She cares for her students and is always there for them. I have loved going to choir because it is always a fun and uplifting class.
Shadle has a great atmosphere and has helped me grow a lot as a person. I have liked the majority of my teachers and always feel supported.
One star for academic experience, five for social. The material they cover in class is no more advanced than middle school which worries me. The staff and students are very kind and the school tries to keep students busy with clubs and cons to compensate for its lack of high school level education.
I loved my experience at Shadle Park. I have really connected to some of the teachers there, as well as the clubs and activities. I only wished I had gotten involved earlier on.
Shadle is transforming their community this year and it's the best it's been since I've been going to school there
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Shadle in most areas can only be described as painfully average. Only sometimes can the school be considered good on a good day. Only a few teachers actually care. Administration is absolutely terrible. Most of the administration doesn't care and side-eyes many of the students. Safety is a huge concern. Fights don't happen often, but bigger issues such as threats with guns are way too common to the point where older students laugh when there is a lock down. The school ends up training it's students to have an uncaring view towards what goes on in the school. Student leadership even hates the school. The whole atmosphere is toxic.
This high school has employed a KNOWEN drug dealer! Who also supplies students from shadle marijuana and allows students to come to there personal residents hang out and get high with other students from nearby Jr high. I informed district 81 got one call back that was it. When its hard enough to keep our children on the right path especially high school how terrible to have someone employed there who is suppose to be trusted with our youth. Shame on you. Do better into checking back ground
I really liked the teachers. There was only 2 teachers in all 4 of my years at Shadle I did not like. Most teachers care a lot about their students and try to be involved with them. The students complain about nothing and make drama because they’re bored. Some kids think because their parents are rich they can cheat their way through without consequences. There are kids that think they are above administration and can do whatever they want. Many administrators become friends with the “bad” kids because they see them so often yet don’t reach out to the “good” kids. Overall the way the disabled students are treated is very very poor. They have them cleaning tables every day and put them in cages for hours. The only part I will truly miss is the teachers and the relationships I made with them. Many of the courses aren’t fantastic and some teachers are very poor at teaching their subject.
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