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Why this school is so highly rated is an absolute mystery to me. I heard such good things about Shackelford that when I was purchasing my home and spending a quarter of a million dollars I only looked in the Shackelford area. I now feel silly for doing that. Two years in a row my child has had teachers that are just ok. The first one didn’t communicate anything with us and would just joke around when we saw her. The current is unprofessional and rude. As an elementary teacher myself I know how to talk to parents and can’t believe some of the things she has said. Will be looking for another school next year.
Shackelford is much more than a place for children to get an education, it's a family of students, teachers and administrators. I came to Shackelford as a student teacher while I was attending college and I have never wanted to leave. We are so very lucky to have an amazing PTO orginization that supports the teachers and children here, they go out of their way to help our school and always make the staff feel very appreciated.
There have been calls to our school from parents asking how they can get their children to attend Shack, our Principal had to sadly tell them that they had to live in our attendance zone.
From our Principal's down to our paraprofessionals our school is one of the very best schools that I've have ever seen.
Shackelford is welcoming and my student looks forward to coming to school everyday. It is comforting to know that she is safe and is being challenged academically.
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Shackelford Elementary is an amazing school. The best thing about Shackelford is the teachers and how they care so much for the students. They have many different learning opportunities and clubs for students.
I love Shackelford Elementary. I have been a teacher here for over 10 years. It is an amazing school with wonderful parents. Everyone here works really hard to form relationships with the students as well as challenging them to meet their educational needs and goals. There is very little turnover with the staff because everyone loves being a part of the "Shack Family".
Shackelford is an amazing place to be! I have a first and second grader enrolled, and I couldn't be any happier! My children are taken care of every day by the wonderful teachers, administration, and support staff. All of the staff are dedicated to their profession and it shows. I wouldn't want my children to be anywhere else!
Teachers show they care about their students! Teachers stay aligned with the state standards and give students the opportunity to use hands-on experiences to learn. Books and worksheets are not the only way students learn! Great parent involvement all around.
Shackelford is a very friendly and open eiemrntary school. It appears the staff tries to Make students and families feel welcome. The students receive the learning daily that best fits their needs. There is commitment to meet all students needs for health, safety, and the best education in whatever it takes to help make each student successful.
Shackelford has a positive and welcoming environment for students, parents and teachers. The faculty and staff make every effort to ensure student growth in academics and character. Students complete their time at Shackelford fully prepared to be successful in junior high and beyond.
Shackelford Elementary is such an awesome place for children to learn and grow. My son has attended this school since Kindergarten, and is now in the fifth grade. We have really enjoyed getting to know the wonderful teachers and staff members through the years. The front office staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I have always felt comfortable talking to the teachers and administrators with questions or concerns about my child. I have no doubt that my son will continue to be successful in junior high because he has had amazing guidance through the years.
Shackelford Elementary has awesome students, teachers and staff. We are like a family and I I am excited to be a part of this school and district.
I love Shackelford Elementary! I have been a teacher here for 12 years and love my students and parents! The teachers work together to provide the best educational opportunities for each student. I work with all grade levels, and it is amazing to see my students each year flourish in their general education classroom with our special education support. They are treated inclusively in all activities and lessons, regardless of any disabilities. The growth each child makes throughout their time at Shackelford enables them to progress academically and socially so that they are ready to make the transition to Jr. High and succeed in an inclusive environment with their peers. Our school provides amazing support for my students and I am proud to be an educator at Shackelford Elementary.
I love Shackelford! This is the first school that I have worked in and I look forward to coming everyday and being greeted by the friendly staff and students. Here at Shackelford, students are encouraged to do their best, and we provide the support that is needed to lead to their success!
Shackelford is a great place to work and learn. The staff is caring and fun to work with. Shackelford teachers take investment in their students. We have a wonderful group of parents that invest their time in many volunteer opportunities through out the year. We also have a very involved business community that volunteer and donate time and items for various activities.
Shackelford has been my home for over 20 years. I have seen many teachers and students come through these doors. Shackelford students and parents are amazing. The staff always has the students best interests as their top priority.
My kids love going to Shackelford!!! It is a great school! The teachers, staff, and administration are wonderful.
This school has a great atmosphere that encourages success for the students and staff at all levels. I work for this campus and thoroughly have enjoyed every moment being here. The students are very engaged in learning and growing at the younger ages the students are even submitting entries to the science fair and going to competitions at region level. The older students are involved in programs that help them to grow as leaders and further their experiences in secondary schools and beyond. Students and staff alike have great communication and make learning a fun experience daily.
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Shackelford Elementary is a wonderful school for anyone child in general ed or special ed. There are many resources and services available. The best thing about Shackelford is the teachers and how they show so much compassion and love for their job and the children.
Shackelford is an awesome place to be. There are many opportunities for both parents and kids to get involved.
My kids loved Shackelford when they attended it and I love working there! Everyone truly loves the kids!
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