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Seven Lakes High School Reviews

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Great teachers and what not with the exception of a few classes like AP US history. There are plenty of clubs and lots of diversity within the school as it is extremely large and has around 4000 students.
I am very glad that I was zoned to Seven Lakes HS, because all in all it is an outstanding school. The curriculum is very challenging and competitive, however it really does prepare you for college and standardized tests. Not only is the education department excellent (compared to the other high schools in Katy ISD), but we also excel in athletics. I am giving the school 4 stars because many courses in Seven Lakes do not teach as well as they could be teaching, and there is not really much free time to do other activities if you are an AP student (due to the overwhelming amount of self-studying and homework)
Great resources, yet its a very stressful environment and tough classes.
Great extracurricular activities.
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There is an exceptional amount of pressure on students to succeed in all areas, but most specifically in grades. Everyone is anxious and paranoid about their GPA, which of course leads to excessive amounts of cheating. But the fine arts programs are great.
It is a great school for future young adults to grow and learn. While also learning to work with others and to be great productive people in society.
I studied at Seven Lakes high School for my 4 years of high school, I was very impressed with all the facilities all the parent involvement , all the different clubs and sports overall I had a great experienced.
Seven lakes is a good school even though I dissliked it, the people there are annoying and the teachers care to much but they prepare you well for college, keep the campus clean, and offer a lot of tutorials or different classes to help you succeed in school
Seven Lakes High School provided a very competitive, almost cut-throat environment where students "pushed" each other to achieve high levels of academic success. Due to the very competitive nature of the school, the majority of students end up being very well prepared for college.
Only spent 9 months there in 2012/13. It was a huge school with lots of student clubs and organizations. I loved the theatre and music programs, but found the administration unhelpful at times.
Overall, Seven Lakes was a decent high school with opportunities for those who sought after them. The teachers were very kind and knowledgeable about what they taught.
Great school to prepare you for college provided you take the advanced courses, some great teachers some not so great, rich school with lots of resources available for you to succeed if you want to. Diverse school with all the Asian taking the top honors.. Very competitive.. 4.1 GPA won't even get you into top 25%.. There are snobby kids like at any well to do district.. People tends to stick with their own kind.. Lots of clubs to belong to.. Overall great competitive school.. Thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years here.
The school itself is very big, very diverse, and very respectable. This is a school that prides itself in academic excellence and AP exam scores. Classes are set at a fast pace and are either really easy or really hard. The school is known for having a cheating problem, so teachers aren't lenient on this at all. The cafeteria food sucks but the staff is very nice. The teachers here will either make you or break you (and your GPA) so I recommend you heed the advice of your seniors before you choose your classes. The textbook ladies are to be FEARED. And I highly recommend you dont take APUSH if you value your time. The AP classes are hard, and you do have to put in a lot of work and effort. The environment is very good to learn and grow as a person. Seven Lakes is a great school. It has its problems, but what school doesn't?
Prepares you for college very well. The work may be difficult and challenging but it really helps in college.
Seven Lakes High School challenges students academically and with all the great programs available to students it's hard not to succeed.
The teachers are very good. Only had one problem with my teacher the three years I was there. The main office attendance staff is horrendous. I had so many problems with them and got in many fights with them, especially one woman. Also a lot of the students here are rude and extremely entitled. Other than that the school is great, especially the teachers.
Great school! Very competitive and hard but prepares you for college well. Students have to be ready to have a rigorous curriculum and be ready to be comprares to high standardS.
Overall it is a pretty good school. It definitely feels like the school prepared you for college, especially with their AP classes. The student population is very diverse.
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Seven Lakes really challenges their students with academic course work, which prepares them for college and makes the transition from high school classes to college courses a breeze. They also have a very positive learning environment; most teachers and students are very kind and create a safe learning atmosphere. The only problem I've noticed is that due to such strenuous academic demands made on students by teachers and staff at the school, cheating is a prominent issue in many classes.
The competitive atmosphere at seven lakes is true like no other high school I'v been to. The diversity of the school makes it unique as every culture is welcomed.
Seven Lakes High School has a very rigorous curriculum with super high competition and expectations. It is expected that you learn and understand course material quickly in order to stay on top of your studies.
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