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This is a very good high school, but is also very competitive. It is very hard to get into the top ten percent, which can hurt your chances of getting accepted into many in state school. However, it really prepares you for college.
Seven lakes high school is a very diverse school and extremely academically challenging. You are surrounded by motivated people who compelled you to study harder and be the best version of yourself.
The teachers are great and the rigorous courses prepare students for college. It is a very diverse school and is well known for its great academics. However, there is a lack of school spirit.
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The school was interested in the student, very involve teachers. Teacher showed caring and willing to push the students.
Grades are prioritized over everything by a subpopulation of students, and it is extremely difficult to be ranked highly. Rampant cheating is acknowledged by administration but almost never dealt with. Not sure about other classes, but out of all the average AP students, at least a third depend on cheating to maintain their GPAs.

Clubs are so/so. They usually have a good number of involved students, and then a lot of kids who just join for their resumes (especially the big groups affiliated with official organizations). The academic clubs are generally very competitive and successful. On the other hand, there are quite a few bogus clubs made by students looking for leadership positions haha.

Overall, AP classes are very challenging, but prepare you very well for exams and college. Most of my teachers were amazing and helpful, definitely the best part about Seven Lakes. Take out the toxic, cutthroat culture, and it's a great school otherwise
Great school with competitive environment. Excels in academics, sports, and fine arts. The students and teachers are very hardworking.
I loved our academic rigor because I now know that I am well prepared for college. I as well enjoyed the large variety of clubs at the school because everyone had a way to enjoy high school. Seven Lakes has been a great experience and has well prepared me for my future. I as well think it was a very good idea to create endorsements so we as students can search towards our future and what we hope to choose as career plans.
Theatre Department is great, Academics are excellent. Many students are very stuck up and conceited, did not like that.
Seven Lakes High School offers some of the best classes and teachers in order to prepare for college. The school work is tedious and plentiful, and it seems that there is always either a major or minor grade in at least one of your classes per day. However, it is extremely helpful in supplying the experience and getting a feel for what college will be. The school also contains a lot of diversity, as a result there is a place for everyone and so many clubs to be a part of that it seems like no one is lonely. The only thing that could improve is the desire for the students to make everything a competition, although competition can result in some good like the striving for goals, it can also create tension and stress between the student body.
Seven Lakes has many great teachers and amazingly smart students. The curriculum is diverse and extremely challenging if you decide to take AP courses. The main downside is that there is a lot of overcrowding and it is extremely hard to stand out or make the top % for automatic admission to some colleges.
Amy Weston was the greatest teacher I have had in my long time at school. She inspired me in so many ways and she really pushed me to better myself every day of the week.
The school is filled with spoiled rich kids. If your parents have money, this is the school for you. You can buy your way into drama, cheer, dance and the homecoming court. It is super hard academically. You can have a 4.2 GPA and be at the bottom of the top 25%. Stay away unless you are super smart and have a lot money. The kids get Mercedes for their 16th birthdays. Drugs are rampart but secretive. If you are not on a team that stands out then you are ignored by the teachers.
My overall experience is good, except the academics are extremely competitive and it is very difficult to be ranked highly there.
Generally, Seven lakes is a great school. The students on campus are very involved and competitive. If you don't put forth your best effort & take plenty of AP courses, you'll end up with a worse class rank than you'd like. It's definitely the best school in the KatyISD, and one of the best in the Houston area.
SLHS has excellent academics, athletic & fine arts programs, and a vast array of clubs. It's nestled in a safe community and also focuses on awareness with projects such as "Dude, Be Nice." As a junior this year, I do think it can be a little overwhelming with the pace of some classes, but there's always someone to help, be it a new friend or a teacher. Just don't be afraid to ask for help. Join some clubs, go to the school performances (because many are free and all are amazing), and make sure not to skimp on homework or you might regret it.
I had been looking online for high schools in Katy a few months before we moved, back in December 2016. After parsing through a bunch, it looked like Seven Lakes had that mixture of competitive, high-achieving, and well-rounded students I was seeking, so I decided on it.

I'm really happy with my choice because Seven Lakes is fantastic. It has beautiful, well-maintained facilities, and the students are definitely as interested in academics as I hoped. There's a good variety of athletes, artists, and students with other interests that it feels diverse. Spartans are incredibly proud of their school - and have the accolades to show for it.

Coming from international schools overseas, where families shell out a LOT of money for premium education and campuses, I think Seven Lakes is actually comparable to them, even as a public school.

The only things I don't like are the fact that some students are very judgmental and can be rude (even racist), but overall it's been great so far.
If you're a new student it's going to be hard to fit in because everyone stays in their own groups. But some people are very nice and helpful. Start studying from day 1 because it's a super competitive school full of smart and rich kids.
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Although this may be a very competitive high school, it pushed me to work even harder than before. I loved how wonderful the teachers and staff are; they definitely aided me in my educational career. I would like to see the school become even better in the future as the incoming students contribute their knowledge and wisdom. Overall, Seven Lakes High School has given me a great learning experience and prepared me for my future!
Seven Lakes High School is ranked as one of the top ten leading public high schools in the state of Texas. Seven Lakes offers the best academic curriculum that challenges the students to think at college level standards. With that said, my overall experience with Seven Lakes High School is that it prepared with the appropriate rigorous pace that is college.
The academics are phenomenal and prepared me as well as I could have hoped for a college career in engineering, even making my college freshman year a breeze because I earned it all at Seven Lakes. The teachers, especially AP level, changed my life for the good. And as a student athlete, I am pleased with the athletics. However, the culture that other students create can be toxic, especially because they all grew up in affluent families and can be spoiled and mean. But there are good students too.
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