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It's a great school!. It's really competitive but also enriching academically, with a vast array of courses to choose from. The Extra-curricular activities are pretty good and the sports is of a strong standard as well.
Overall, it's a very good public school because of its amazing academics and fine arts and athletics programs. Academics here are very competitive, so it can push you to go very far and take challenging classes although not all the teachers are good at their job. However, there is widespread cheating. The fine arts programs are top-notch as they win many state and national awards as well as regional ones. Some athletics programs are award-winning like volleyball, tennis, and swimming (except football but there is a new coach coming), but a lot don't get recognized. As for clubs, there are some well-established ones like FBLA and Debate, but a lot are student-run and therefore, could be a lot better.
Such a difference from my previous high school. I am doing so much better here because of all the help available. My teachers really want me to succeed and I am surrounded by other students who actually care about academic success.
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I loved everything about Seven Lakes! I think the only thing that I would like to see change is the amount of homework that we have every single day. But even then, I feel like the amount of homework you have really helps you prepare for college.
Seven Lakes is a really competitive and fun school and I love it. However, the physics teachers really should learn how to teach :)
I am a sophomore at seven lakes high school. .My 1st period is chem where the my teacher is one of the most helpful teacher I have ever had. Other then explaining abstract and simple concepts in chemistry so clear, I have made interpersonal relationships with her as we discuss activities and recommendation about what to do in the future. Afterwards is Spanish 3 . The teacher is one of my most favorite teachers I have ever had. She jokes with clever sarcasm, making the entire class blow up from laughing and teaches in the most efficient way. Afterwards is orchestra where I can let my heart connect to my cello and relax after a long day of work. And finally is English where I can express my self in essays and constnamty learn to become a better writer and communicate my feelings. In the end my seven lakes experience has been a wonderful one which I will thoroughly cherish.
It's a very good school academically and prepares for college really well. The teachers do all they can to help you succeed in the classroom.
My experience at Seven Lakes was pretty average. It's a good school that prepares its students for college. However, the disparity between AP and academic classes is fairly large. Food is pretty bad, as with most public high schools. The amount of student organizations and activities was pretty robust.
Seven Lakes has been a rocky road. It's a great, clean school with tough academics but not to the point where it's impossible. The crowded hallways become very frustrating to get to class sometimes but it's manageable.
Great school academically. The students are smart. Other than football, almost all sports and UIL activities are competitive. Probably the best school in the school district, however, there does seem to be a big problem with cheating.
For the most part, students are friendly and the teachers seem to care. However, the hyper-competitive culture and focus on testing make it a toxic learning environment.
Seven Lakes is a very challenging school, however, I feel like I am very prepared for any college. We have such a competitive atmosphere at the school that everyone is always competing for their grades.
Seven Lakes is a very diverse school that will get you ready for college, but there is a culture of cheating because of the stress to succeed. There are clubs for about any interest you may have. Teachers care about the students, especially those that teach AP classes
Great place with great teachers. Suffers from a cheating problem, however. Also, there are some teachers that take extreme measures to achieve the greatness Seven Lakes is known for.
I really like that in Seven Lakes High School, the desire to succeed among so many students creates a safe competitive environment that leads students into doing their best in both academics and sports.
Honestly. This school is so competitive it gives me a headache thinking about it. But you’ll definitely be prepared for the real world if you haven’t gotten crippling anxiety.
Great school, competitive academics. Teachers are engaging and intelligent, but students are very competitive
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My time at Seven Lakes has been amazing: this is as good as anyone is going to get regarding their high school experience. School spirit was always lacking, but I made an effort through school clubs and sports to get involved.
Going to Seven Lakes really set me up for being an adult. Each teacher awards you with responsibility and it gives you a chance to live up to it. Teachers teach you how to be independent and set you up for the world beyond high school.
Very academically challenging and competitive. However, this prepares you well for AP tests and college course work.
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