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Seven Lakes high school is such a great school for students because they put academics before anything. This school really prepared me for college and helped me make it to the Dean's List at my university. Aside from academics, Seven Lakes has an amazing band, swimming, track, tennis, and football program. Best experience for any future student in Katy ISD.
It is an environment meant for the growth and development of its students but on the other hand, the competition between them is very prominent.
I liked the environment of the school and how positive and encouraging everyone is with each other. I can tell that we always try to maintain a united student body but i wish we had more school spirit. The lack of attendance at school events disappoints me and it is also disconcerting to know that some teachers don’t give their hardest to make sure their students succeed. It can be difficult to cope with teachers that don’t necessarily provide the help students need especially in AP classes.
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I liked that Seven Lakes High School prepared me well for college, but I probably would have enjoyed my time here more if the work wasn't so rigorous and competition wasn't so high.
I like that Seven Lakes challenges students to work harder, and that the level at which they challenged us, prepared me for college.
Seven Lakes high school is a very competitive environment. The schools academic vigor is backed up by passionate and intelligent teachers. In most aspects Seven Lakes is incredible, from the variety of clubs and activities students can participate in to the great music and athletics program (except football) we have on campus. The one major problem that plagues Seven Lakes is cheating- most commonly banking (either taking pictures of the current test or using last years). Every single year, the top 10 will have cheaters, which is unfair to students who show academic integrity.
There was a lot of work along with really difficult classes. Most of the teachers do not teach, and so, there is a lot of self teaching. The teachers typically become lazier toward the end of the year. There are a wide variety of classes to choose from.
Seven Lakes High School is a very academically rigorous school. Almost all the students ranked within the top 10% of their class have consistently taken all AP or PreAP classes, and have earned straight "A's" or mostly "A's". Academic opportunities, sports, fine arts, and other extracurricular activities are numerous, but they are very competitive and filled with highly talented students.
I've had multiple teachers who hand out packets and sit at their desk during all of the class period instead of physically standing in front of the class and teaching.
If you dont get the material, many teachers will be condescending and make you feel dumb instead of offering to help you.
other than that, i liked seven lakes. But be aware that if you are someone who learns by having to see something physically being done in front of you this is not the school for you.
Great school, many opportunities. Kids are challenged academically. Teachers are great. Many club/organizations opportunity.
I really like the academic rigor at Seven Lakes. I know I am going to be very prepared for college because of Seven Lakes. I learn so much on a daily basis at Seven Lakes.
I have been at Seven Lakes going on 4 years now. The school itself is too small to accommodate as many students as it does. The teaching is below par as many teachers do not teach to have students learn but rather to have them ace an exam and move on in order to maintain the school's "highly regarded academic standing". That said, I have had my share of teacher's that I excelled in their class because of the way they taught and their desire for their students to actually learn the material. Overall, would not repeat experience.
Seven Lakes is a wonderful school with an emphasis on academic excellence, but this emphasis unfortunately leads to a great deal of unnecessary stress and a huge problem with cheating all across the board.
The overall dynamic of Seven Lakes is to drive to be your personal best, whether it is in academics, sports, music, arts, or whatever you desire. It makes for a competitive student body which achieves high ratings across all boards. Students are taught how to learn, how to drive themselves to be the best, yet to enjoy life in the moment. The school atmosphere is positive and teachers are extremely dedicated, compassionate and ready to help. It is a well rounded student body, diverse with many activities and clubs. The teachers are part of the community and go above and beyond to help students do well, from those having special needs, to those driven to excel. No one falls through the cracks here. Amazing school. Undiscovered national gem.
Great teachers and what not with the exception of a few classes like AP US history. There are plenty of clubs and lots of diversity within the school as it is extremely large and has around 4000 students.
I am very glad that I was zoned to Seven Lakes HS, because all in all it is an outstanding school. The curriculum is very challenging and competitive, however it really does prepare you for college and standardized tests. Not only is the education department excellent (compared to the other high schools in Katy ISD), but we also excel in athletics. I am giving the school 4 stars because many courses in Seven Lakes do not teach as well as they could be teaching, and there is not really much free time to do other activities if you are an AP student (due to the overwhelming amount of self-studying and homework)
Great resources, yet its a very stressful environment and tough classes.
Great extracurricular activities.
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There is an exceptional amount of pressure on students to succeed in all areas, but most specifically in grades. Everyone is anxious and paranoid about their GPA, which of course leads to excessive amounts of cheating. But the fine arts programs are great.
It is a great school for future young adults to grow and learn. While also learning to work with others and to be great productive people in society.
I studied at Seven Lakes high School for my 4 years of high school, I was very impressed with all the facilities all the parent involvement , all the different clubs and sports overall I had a great experienced.
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