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This school will prepare you for college, however, it is very toxic and competitive. If you don't find your group then you will be miserable. With this being said, be wary of the people in your group. Stay true to your morals.
The school has a welcoming environment for all types of people. A wide range of diversity exists and many people thrive in academic studies. There are a wide range of clubs to join where students feel welcomed and accepted.
Solid Education prepares you very well for college stresses and trials. Offers various AP classes many opportunities.
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I loved the diversity of the school, I always felt like I belonged. There are so many different clubs and activities offered at Seven Lakes, that fit any person's interest, and thanks to that I found my voice. I have been a part of Student Council for three years now, and I am currently the Vice-President. Being in Student Council has given me the opportunity to lead and stay involved around my school and community. Also, the academics at Seven Lakes are very good. Since it is the most competitive High School in the district, Seven Lakes and its teachers always find new ways to push me to my limits and achieve so many things. Attending Seven Lakes High School has been an overall great experience. The students, teachers, academics and extracurricular's have all helped shape the person that I am today.
Seven Lakes overall is a good school when it comes to education- they push you to be the best of the best and it’s really competitive but when it comes to social intercation;the people, environment—it’s fair. I don’t really get that sense of ‘ love for my school’ and it’s not just me, after talking to a good amount of students in the school,I’m not the only one that feels that way and no doubt that some people might not feel this way but this is what I think .
Very competitive school. Prepares you for college for sure but is very stressful and a crazy environment.
I love going to classes and mrs.simon was a cool teacher and I had the best high school teacher ever and it was awesome going to event like homecoming
Seven Lakes High School is an outstanding school when it comes not only to academics but to sports, arts, and diversity. It is a very accepting, bully-free school that will engage into its students learning and success in their passions as much as possible. The staff will always be willing to help out any parent or student in need of assistance. Furthermore, I have truly had the best and most life changing four years of my life. I found my passion for engineering at this school, I made friendships that will last me forever, and I have made incredible memories at soccer games and it’s club activities. Seven Lakes High School has changed my life for the best and I couldn’t be more grateful for being part of its community.
The school is always focused on improving the experience of learning to students. There are lots of resources available at all times. The teachers are amazing and they all are always ready to help. Tutorials are also always available for extra assistance. SLHS is amazing!
Pretty good school, just stressful. Academics are tough, but they should really help you with college. So you put in what you get.
I like how strong Seven Lakes pushes academics to the point that it thourougly generates strong students, however this also imposed several negative consequences. The demand for such excellence amongst grades and other academic achievements ushered in a heavy influence of cheating and academic dishonesty. The stressful environment of Seven Lakes was a breeding ground for depression, anxiety, and other mental issues due to the competitiveness. I believe that decreasing the stress on the students by reducing homework amounts, easing up on assessments, and even promoting more non-school related activities would greatly benefit the students at the school. Seven Lakes should place a greater emphasis on other events at the school such as the sports teams, fine arts programs, dance, cheer, etc.
Seven Lakes is a very diverse school so you get to learn about other people's heritage. Seven Lakes prepares well for college. The only issues is Seven Lakes is there has been cheating issues.
Great school academically, but horrible environment. Cheating was essentially the norm and not partaking made it extremely difficult to be in the top 10%.
What I love about Seven Lakes is the people. The people there are extremely competitive and push you to your limits. Because of this, there is a lot of pressure. That pressure can lead to an immense amount of stress. So there are pros and cons.

I feel like it is just like any other high school, just a lot more competitive.
Seven Lakes High School is known as one of Houston metropolitan area's finest and most diverse schools. It is highly competitive and produces successful, college-ready scholars. The teaching directory comprises of mediocre to highly qualified professionals. The administration has been supportive of the schools many successful programs, especially in the visual and fine arts and academics, but recently, with a change in higher-ups, there is more support for athletics and diminishing support and funding for already established programs. The STEM classes and the AP program are highly prestigious, consisting of rigorous curriculums. There is a multitude of extracurriculars and clubs that have received national recognition. Overall, Seven Lakes is an excellent and prospering high school.
It is a very competitive school full of talented students in all the aspects. The school has very strong arts program. The orchestra programs are the best in the Texas. The orchestra teachers are very dedicated too. AP courses are offered from 9th Grade. I think all the advanced courses available get students better prepared for the college.
Seven Lakes High School is renowned for its top notch academics and extra curricular clubs. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost of a highly competitive and sometimes negative environment.
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THE TRUTH. I transferred to SLHS my sophomore year and had a hard time making friends and I mean a really really hard time. SLHS and the students who go there tend to be very closed off and only open to their group of friends. Secondly, SLHS cares more about their reputation then they do their students.The only good thing i've seen at SLHS is their quality education. The students are going there are the smartest and creative students out there.
Seven Lakes is a fantastic school that provides so many amazing opportunities for its student's body. From athletics to academics to extracurriculars, it has anything you could possibly hope for in a school. It takes time to learn how to love t. Many kids will say, 'I hate it', but when it comes time to leave, they find it difficult. It prepares you to go off to college. The school portion is hard, yes, there is no doubt about it. It is academically rigorous but within that, it provides challenges that help students grow. If everything was easy, no one would learn. The biggest thing is to get involved. Involvement changes the entire experience. It's very easy to slip between the cracks with nearly 4000 students roaming the halls. Joining one little thing can change the entire experience. It is the chance to have fun, meet people and become part of a bigger community.
This is a more difficult school that is very competitive in academics as well as sports. Despite being a difficult school all the staff is very friendly and the teachers here are very helpful and kind to their students and their teaching skills are excellent. They have multiple clubs and activities to do so there is something for every student to do and enjoy.
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