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Seton prepared me for college and made me feel at home enough to leave the city and explore on my own. I found many values I will forever cherish at Seton.
As a junior at Seton who take a very hard course load, I am satisfied, but I have a few complaints. Seton administration fails to get the full story of an issue from both sides before decided a punishment. Some of the teachers fail to listen to the logic of students and the AP Calculus has failed to grade with a curve in accordance to AP standard, which has resulted in a number of her students wrongfully failing the classes.
As a Seton alum, I love to reflect back on my time at Seton. I felt that Seton really prepared me for college and that I was well above the majority of the other students in my class. I feel like Seton helped a lot on my faith journey and gives plenty of opportunities for girls to reflect on their spirituality. When I attended, the administration was not the best, but I know many girls love the school today. The teachers were all great and I did not have one mediocre teacher that did not care about the students. I highly recommend this school to any girl that wants to receive a great education and is motivated to learn.
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One thing, if your child is not religious or Catholic, do not send them here. You are heavily frowned upon if you are not a straight white girl with money. Students are nothing more than a profit to Seton. It is very clear that the administration does not care about student's mental health or individuality.

Students are required to dress in clothing that is supplied in the spirit wear shop. No non-Seton articles of clothing excluding socks and shoes. These clothing options can cost upwards of $20 a piece.

Seton High School could be described as a prison. Students are reprimanded without cause. A student is "always" representing Seton. To extreme points where a student is not allowed to engage in things that the school disagrees with. Students are also not allowed to have mental health issues. Teachers say things like, "Having anxiety is a choice!" to students who have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders.

A bad school with an unhealthy environment.
I loved the sisterhood of going to Seton. I look forward to having my daughters (when I have them) continue the my legacy at Seton.
Seton High School is a very friendly and welcoming environment. However, there is little to no diversity in the school. They like their typical skinny and preppy sports loving girls. A lot of emphasis is put on being like the norm. I would also say that the whole school is boy crazy and that does disrupt learning. However, the catholic values and giving spirit is contagious and provides a great environment. I would recommend Seton as a good college prep school.
Seton High School has taught me many things over these past four years. I have gained courage, strength, confidence, faith, friends, and many more that will come into play for my future. Seton has allowed me to have an interesting high school experience. I love all of the faculty and staff, but what I loved most about Seton was the school spirit, the "Seton Sisterhood" as they would call it and friendships that will last a lifetime. High school is about preparing you for college and the real world. It has not only prepared me academically but also has prepared me with interactions with people, going out of my comfort zone, talking to new people, meeting new friends and gaining communication skills along with all of that.
I love that Seton is welcoming and high energy. At Seton learning is made fun and there are many learning opportunities outside the classroom. The teachers at Seton genuinely want what is best for their students.
Seton was a very mixed bag for me, so to speak, so that's why i've given it a tentative 2 stars. Seton hosted a good environment on its own. I made meaningful relationships with both students and staff, as well as learned about myself. School activities were enjoyable. I thought the frequency of guest speakers was excellent, allowing students to experience new things and form more educated opinions on the outside world. However, I am currently not a catholic, so alot of the things Seton taught and promoted were lost on me. Not only that, I found the strong, secular environment to be suffocating. It was hard to be so very different from my peers at times. Also the fact that I disagreed with the Catholic Church on a fundamental level probably didn't help these feelings of isolation. However, being an all girls school, the school did foster a healthy learning environment for women, compared to male dominated classrooms. I never felt out of place for speaking due to my gender.
Seton has taught me who I am. they helped me find myself and I could not be any more proud of my school and the education that I received
I loved the opportunities I had at Seton and would love to send my future kids here! The only negative thing about Seton is the administration and the way they react to certain situations, but other than that Seton is amazing and I absolutely loved it.
I love the atmosphere everyday at school! Everyone is always really happy and supportive or my decisions. The staff really care for all their students! I am so sad to be leaving this school. It was such a great 4 years.
I attended Seton for high school, and loved my experience. I felt extremely prepared going into college and constantly challenged throughout my four years. They provided a variety of extra curricular activities to stay involved in the school life and the community, along with many advanced classes to help with the preparation for college.
My daughter has had the most horrible experience at Seton High School and it hasn't even been a year yet. She will be leaving this school due to the harassment she has had to put up with there not just by the students but by the administration and some of the teachers. They are not understanding or compassionate to her needs, she has had some difficulties this year in her life and after one month of them having to deal with her, meaning her grades have slipped a little because of missing assignments before that excellent grades, and missing more school than they would like because they made it so stressful for her to come to school, the school is basically done with her and will not help her at all. If your child doesn't fit into this nice little predetermined box, DO NOT send her to this school. They will eat her alive like they did my daughter.
good overall but could use improvement in preparing students i the college process. counselors often do not give enough information early on to prepare and academics tend to be pushed aside for other activities. however, there has been improvement in teacher quality and facility quality with new administration.
My overall experience at Seton High School has been great! Over the past few years since I've been here, I have seen a huge change in Seton's growth: better teachers, a better administration, new facilities, and better school spirit within the house system. Teachers are always willing to put in the extra time to help you if you need it, and there's always something to do or get involved in.
I can't even begin to describe the love I have for Seton High School. I have learned so much, both about myself and the world around me, created wonderful lifelong friendships and have gotten opportunities to experience so many life changing events. The people and environment at Seton are nothing short of welcoming and loving. The staff makes each student feel cared for and respected. Each member strives for every student to know and understand their self-worth, and doesn't hesitate to help them with anything. Seton High School has given me the opportunity to explore myself, and has helped me discover my passions and what makes me happy. I wouldn't change my high school experience for anything in the world. I could go on forever describing how much I love my high school and how much it has changed me for the better. Seton High School has truly shaped me into the person I am today, and I could not be more grateful.
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Seton High School has influenced me to be the best person I can be. Since I started my education at Seton I have grown to the woman I am. My teachers have helped me to flourish and be able to have the grades that I do. Seton gives me opportunities to work with my community, leave my comfort zone, and push myself to be a better person. Seton has a wide variety of clubs to join and it offers college preparatory classes to ready me for my future. The teachers are always willing to take time out of their schedule to help us individually. The school increases my faith with God through the many religion classes, masses, and prayer services that we have. Seton always keeps us in a safe environment by always having security guards and police officers. Seton has also held college and job fairs for us to figure out our future. Seton has done everything for me to be ready for my future. Seton will always be my home away from home and I hope to continue the legacy for many years.
This school has changed my life and truly is my second home. I am grateful for everything Seton has taught me and the sisterhood I will share with everyone in that community.
Seton high school is a true community. It is more than just a school. I feel that the faculty and staff prepared me extremely well for all my future endevours.
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