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What I really enjoyed about Servite is all the amazing teachers and the diversity of the students. One of my favorite parts about Servite was being a part of the student section during football and basketball games.
I love every day at Servite High School. The small campus size and the low total enrollment make it very easy to make friends. You can do this through a variety of clubs, sports, activities, or just in class. In addition, the academics are top-notch. This college preparatory school offers many honors and advanced placement classes. The teachers are retained year to year based on their merit, not tenure. These teachers are devoted to their craft and ensure that every student has a chance to thrive in their learning environment.
Servite High School is a high school founded on brotherhood, leadership, and honor for the Blessed Mary at the Foot of the Cross. It's a place that welcomes differences and enforces unconditional acceptance among your brothers. Additionally, the athletic and theater programs that Servite provides are also exceptional with their focus on tolerance, resilience, and including everyone that wishes to join. My experience at Servite was nothing short of amazing and I learned so much about myself. I became stronger, both physically and mentally, and more importantly, I gained real friends that trusted my judgment and accepted me for who I was. All in all, Servite High School treasured four great years of my life into a faith-filled journey that helped me mature as a human being and a disciple of Christ.
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It’s an excellent school and I love being a part of the brotherly atmosphere at Servite high school.
I think that the fact that the teachers really care about our education and that the students are always attentive to learn is a great part of Servite High school.
I have know about Servite for most of my life since I grew up in Brea. It is one of the best schools in the country from any standpoint whether you’re comparing academics, athletics, Robotics, or anything else. The best part is their formation program that helps boys become ambitious and confident young men. I highly recommend it and plan on sending my son there someday.
My son is a graduate of Servite, and the school prepared him well for life at the US Air Force Academy where he is studying astronautical engineering. From strong academic opportunities, to providing the students with a strong foundation in Christ and a love for our Blessed Mother, Servite is a great choice to send a young man to complete his high school years. We have a number of Servite alumni at the Academies right now, and hope many more will follow in the coming years! Great job Friars!
I believe Servite is the best all-boys High School in the United States. They do a great job helping young men grow to reach their highest potential in every way. They are among the best academic, athletic, and robotics programs in the country but no school can compare to their leadership and formation program for young men. I high recommend the school to anyone and I am planning to send my own son there when he is old enough.
It is a great school where they focus on one thing, brotherhood. Servite emphasizes brotherhood and helps create life long relationships with close friends. Servite is a great school.
Servite has great teachers who are very caring and active in the campus life. The technology could be better quality and implemented better in the lessons
Overall I thought Servite was a great school that truly fostered the students ability to grow and mature into successful young men. I felt that the teachers truly cared about each individual student and went out of their way to try and help the students who were asking for help. Another thing that service did well was there was an atmosphere of unity throughout the entire school.
Excellent academics combined with its unique formation program make Servite a great place to send your son for high school.
Servite is an all-boys school. They teach you to become faith-filled leaders who lead in this world by their faith in God. They also teach us how to be accountable and respectful to others and ourselves. Servite is a great place for young boys to become great men.
This is an amazing school to be at. There is a variety of academic classes to choose from and they are all designed to teach the students in the most engaging way possible. The teaches are a great help because they dedicate themselves to the success of their students. Many clubs are offered to make students feel connected in some way or another. Leadership and responsibility are some of the key values that this school incorporates into the education of its students, so that students can become the best version of themselves.
Servite is a great school with challenging academics. I was a student-athlete all four years, and the coaches always made sure that we had been focusing on our academics. The teachers are amazing. Both my math teacher and AP Lit teacher would always find a way to make class fun and incorporate life lessons into their lesson plans, making my time at Servite so worth it. It also gave me the skills I need to succeed at a private four year university. The staff is always ready to make themselves available for anything the students need.
My time at Servite has been, for the most part, great. Most of the classes there have prepared me well (as indicated by my passing AP scores), yet most fail to make learning fun, engaging, and fulfilling. Rather, many instructors "teach to the test" and cover what is barely essential to doing well on it. This mindset has become increasingly evident in which books each course utilizes, because unfortunately many courses opt not for a traditional textbook but for a "review book" instead.

However, the extra-curriculars/electives there are what makes me excited to attend Servite each day. Sports, theatre, and the guitar program are all a blast.
As a recent alumni, I can say that I pity all who did not attend Servite High School. It was 4 years which words cannot describe. As an outsider you will never be able to comprehend the brotherhood and bonds that are formed there. No matter who you decide to be at Servite, there is a group for you. We may have our squabbles insular to our community same as any other but the thing is outside of our small conflicts with one another Servite stays a rock solid band of brothers willing to go the distance for one another. I graduated just over three years ago and Servite guys will still get together in mass for parties and celebrations almost as if no time had passed. Even the guys who you might not have considered your best friend in high school still check up on you, and wish you to succeed in whatever path life takes you. Truly Servite high school was a place unlike any other and I will forever cherish my short time spent there.
While there are obvious issues that are based on the fact that Servite is an Catholic all-boys high school, the amount of opportunities I was given during my time a couple years ago here were amazing. Servite is an extremely conservative campus; those with left-leaning views/less masculine ways of life are made fun of (albeit in light-hearted, nonthreatening ways). That being said, I do believe that anyone can find their place at Servite. There are so many options and opportunities to be taken, from the well-funded and successful robotics teams to theater to the obvious top-tier Trinity League sports. Servite took me in and helped me find my true self during high school, all while preparing me for an Ivy league education.
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As a parent and staff member at Servite, I have been impressed with the quality of teachers, counselors, staff and coaches. I have 2 sons at Servite, and I can honestly say that Servite is the only place I'd want them to be. The faith formation program is great, and there are plenty of opportunities to find something that fits with your sons interests and personality- whether it is sports, leadership roles, clubs, or service projects. There really is something for everybody. The sense of community and brotherhood is very strong at Servite. Many Servite families are quick to volunteer and bond with each other over various events and activities, and I cherish the friendships I have made there. There are so many ways to get involved, which only enhances your family's Servite experience. Come and check out what Servite has to offer! You won't be disappointed! CREDO!
The small class sizes and ability for boys to learn in a classroom together with teachers focused on understanding how boys learn is amazing. There are many activities at the school. You do not need to be solely focused on sports or a club. The students are encouraged to participate in more than one activity. Finally, the faith based atmosphere breaks down all the walls that you might find in a traditional high school setting. The students learn to understand, appreciate and love the differences that their classmates bring to Servite.
The school is currently dealing with racial issues, as well as a reputation for not monitoring students during class. The school could improve the food offered to students.