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Sergeant Bluff-Luton Senior High School Reviews

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This is a very nice school! I loved going here. The teachers are nice and kind and will prepare you for college. This school was especially awarded the national blue ribbon award. I never really knew what that meant but apparently it is very good to have. We definitely earned that award, because of the teachers and students, and the whole community by all coming together. Sergeant Bluff Luton is very passionate about learning and all the teachers want is for us to succeed. Our athletes also do an amazing job because almost in every sport we have made it to state. I wouldn't want to go to another school besides this one!
The teachers at SB-L are absolutely fantastic! They build relationships with each and every student over the year. They are always there for you as a person to talk to if you need them. The teachers are amazing teachers as well; they find new ways to teach concepts and do so very well.
There are great teachers at Sergeant Bluff, and they all want to see you succeed. There is also a great learning environment created by the teachers. The guidance counselors are also great and give you a lot of good information to help you prepare for college. They give you information about applying to colleges, filling out the fafsa, and other college requirements.
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Sergeant Bluff Luton is a really good school and although like every school it has some problems I don’t think I’d rather have gone to any other school.
My experience at Sergeant Bluff has been amazing. I have learned, gained, and taught new things I didn't know before attending this school. We were recognized nationally for the National Blue Ribbon school where only 2 schools from each state got it. Each of the teachers here wants the best for you and take time out of their day to help you after class or before.
I enjoyed the class sizes, the variety of classes offered, all the opportunities for sports. I'd like to see more foreign languages offered. German or French
I just moved to Sergeant Bluff in summer 2017, but transitioning to the new school was pretty easy. Everyone here seems mostly friendly and helpful, and my brother and I even got a personal tour of the high school from the principal. Classes are not difficult but they offer college courses through the local community college, WITCC.
I loves the environment of my high school. The teachers were great and prepared me for college. I only wish that there would have been a little more diversity. The area wasn't very diverse, so it made sense.
I love Sergeant Bluff-Luton because there is an academic emphasis, and grades are not handed to students. Teachers are approachable and one-on-one help can be easily sought out if needed. One thing I would like to see change is requiring students to take four years of math and/or science.
It is a good-sized school with some great teachers. The overall attitude of the school, however, is focused on sports and not many opportunities are provided to intellectually gifted students.
Sergeant Bluff-Luton has everything god about it, the teachers were also there for you. If you needed anything from anyone. All the kids got along well with one and another. Get involved the the sports programs is the best
I really enjoyed the teachers at this school, especially for my accelerated classes. They were all passionate about what they did, and they really helped motivate me to reach my future goals! One problem I have with Sergeant Bluff is that, they didn't really focus on the arts. It seems that all of their funding goes towards sports, even though programs such as theater, choir, band, etc. are just as important.
I liked the small school environment and also enjoyed most of the teachers but I would have liked it if there would have been more class choices.
I have been attending the Sergeant Bluff-Luton Community School District since I was in fourth grade. The average number of students per grade is around 125, which is not too big and not too small. There are plenty of opportunities whether it is in sports, like football, track, and baseball, or whether it is in the arts, like show choir, theater, and band. Sergeant Bluff is a great community to live in because it is very easy to know a lot of people, with a population of around 4,500. I would recommend Sergeant Bluff because it is a nice town and great school to attend.
Overall I think academic wise it's pretty good. They had some really good teachers and some really bad ones. I would say the really good ones make up for the bad. I was in the fine arts and sports. The reason I gave it 4 stars is the balance. At times the school would care a lot more about sports. When something needed to be done with reguards to the fine arts side, something would be done if a student voiced their opinion (even if a parent or teacher had already said something before hand). Even though there was this problem, it soon resolved and there seemed to be more of a balance. Back to academics, the teachers they had are excellent. They help you LEARN, rather then care about your grade. Overall, I enjoyed my 4 years at SBL high.
students are very caring and always willing to give a helping hand to those who need it. everyone is polite and friendly. as a school thats getting up to 20 new students a year, all the non-new students are very welcoming and trying to make sure the new students feel comfortable
teachers are very trustworthy, easy to have normal conversations with. teaching styles are easy to follow and they'll slow down if a student needs it
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I enjoyed the teachers and their styles, but I don't know if I would attend this school again. I participated in sports and I noticed if a student received a spot on a team, it was purely because of their name. This was because the parents would argue with the coaches and get all heated, threatening to take their children out of the sport. Another reason I didn't particularly like the high school I attended was because the parents' attitudes would move over to the students who would cause drama and I felt there was way too much of that at Sergeant Bluff.
All of the teachers that I had were of high quality. I wanted to challenge myself so I took harder classes like Advance Placement and online classes at the local community college. I felt like the teachers that I was engaged with took the time to shared their knowledge and make sure the class understood. We had a wide range of styles from visual, written, or oral, but each style seemed to incorporate into the classroom and if a student didn't understand, the teacher would change the way they were going about teaching to suit the student's needs.
My school is safe , I have never felt unsafe there.
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