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Sequoyah High School is a great place to attend high school. The student body is great to be a part of because they have so much energy. All sports events are full of life and energy. The school also has tons of opportunities to get a head start on college and other post-secondary experiences, like dual-credit and dual enrollment classes. The teachers are very helpful and always willing to assist with any questions. We also have a college counselor who works diligently to make sure all questions regarding post-secondary opportunities are answered and that you have a clear path on what you would like to do after high school. The only downside I can think of is that there aren't that many activities for those interested in the arts. Our drama club was recently shut down due to the teacher retiring and it has yet to be picked back up.
Sequoyah is an average high school for the most part, but the teachers are amazing. It is also in a great area.
Sequoyah High School was a public school that gave education opportunities to middle class students. The staff helped me choose a great college in order to pursue my ambitions. I wouldn’t change anything regarding Sequoyah.
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At SQHS, the teachers and people are wonderful, and the atmosphere is amazing. Though, we get very little funding.
During my stay at Sequoyah I came to realize that the staff was amazing. The one thing I disliked though was how crowded the school was from all the students.
I love the staff and faculty there. They have given opportunities like no other schools. I was blessed with the opportunity to take and pass the Personal Trainer Certification exam. Everyone is nice and is so helpful! I loved four years I have spent there.
Sequoyah High School is a very friendly school. Everyone gets along and helps each other. Attending this school for four years and complaining about it made me realize that there is no other school I would rather attend. We do not have many resources but our teachers help us the most they can.
It's a good school. Some teachers care, some don't . Same as any other. I'd say ratio of good teachers to bad is high. Our principle is cool and I have good classess. The students are crazy, but teachers handle us well.
My school doesn't prepare you enough for anything, at least not in my experience. They did not prepare me enough for the ACT or college,. Sequoyah High School has many flaws but that is my biggest issue with the school.
My experience at Sequoyah High School has been mostly positive. I have had amazing teachers who have pushed me to my limits and prepared me for college.
The thing I love most about Sequoyah High School is the people here and the amount of help that is given to students who need it.
What I love about Sequoyah High School is the atmosphere and making lots of new friends each year. Although the school is way too small for all the kids that go there, I couldn't see myself going to any other school.
Sequoyah High School has taught me a lot throughout my high school experience, but mainly that we must prepare for tests. There is more to high school than tests and academics, and I wish they would emphasize those things also. We used to do more activities as a school that had to do with school spirit and helping each other. We used to be a family. They have made it so competitive with academics that they have forgotten what high school is about.
I highly enjoyed my time at Sequoyah High school, but there were certain things that could use some improvement. Overall, a very good school, the teachers really care and make an effort for your success.
Sequoyah High School is a small school in a rural area. It has 1200 students, but was only built for 900 so it is crowded. The teachers are not the best. I would not want to go anywhere else though. The chief pride in this school is unreal and I would not change it for the world.
Sequoyah is a great school! It's pretty small so you get a lot of extra help if needed and everybody knows everyone so you can get things done. The only thing I would like to see change is an update in technology.
This school is very gross. There have been cockroaches and rats spotted on multiple occasions. There is a dress code, but they only punish certain people, but not all. There are illegal activities that happen at school, and sometimes even in class.
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Sequoyah is an excellent school. Although, there could be a few minor changes but other then that I wouldn't want to be attending anywhere else. The thing I would most definitely change is the food because it could be better. My appreciation and love goes out to my school!
I liked the athletic programs and the many clubs they have. Also the pep rallies and the involvement between all classes.
Honestly this school is pretty trash. Hardly any clubs with little extra curricular. The classes are even worse while some teachers are great , the majority of them don't even get halfway through the standards they are supposed to cover. Sequoyah's definition of an honors course is more work instead of going more in depth into the subject than a regular course would.Along with horrible honor's courses there are no AP Courses. With little to no college prep if it was my choice I wouldn't be going here.
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