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Overall, this school is quite average. The academics are good, and the teachers are good. However, the facilities are not kept clean.
Sequoyah High School has a very suitable learning environment. The teachers and staff are very friendly and make the students feel at home. The students here truly feel like it is their school and not just the teachers' school. Although some of the teachers do not always use different assignments. Most of the assignments are used by almost all teachers who teach a certain subject.
Great county school system to attend. Safe area and great academics. The teachers and staff are focused on helping the students are their main goal and job.
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My favorite parts of Sequoyah were my friends and my teachers because they pushed me to be better and get to where I am today.
I love this school, they have a great learning space and great teachers. The school is a great welcoming place for anyone and i am proud to be a SHS chief.
Sequoyah High School isn't the best school in Cherokee county but it isn't the worst either. There is no diversity, the faculty doesn't care, and the students aren't much better either. I did have some good times during high school but it could have been better if I actually went to a good school who cared about the students.
My experience at Sequoyah High School is a pleasant one. I feel that I can really connect with all my teachers, most of which truly do want to see all their students succeed. This is one of the most important qualities in a teacher.
Great academics and options for students to engage in extracurricular activities. Safe community and lots of community involvement. Most teachers are there to help students accelerate at learning, but still needs improvement.
The students at Sequoyah High School are a close-knit family, and we all look out for each other and have everyone's best interest at heart. The teachers try to make learning fun and exciting in a safe environment.
Any high school experience is really what every individual student makes of it. Sequoyah is a very family and community-oriented environment. The teachers at Sequoyah are amazing and have their student's best interests at heart. With every teacher I had, I truly felt they cared about what they were teaching and ensured I grasped the material. The administration staff has the smoothest teamwork I have ever seen. They keep the school running and ensure that the students are being well taken care of. Sequoyah students are very friendly and we rarely have bullying or mistreatment issues. The small-town aspect of the community makes everyone feel like a big family. Sequoyah High School gave me the most amazing high school experience and has truly taught me so much. With the lessons, I have learned from my Sequoyah family I know I have every tool necessary to become successful in life.
Excellent Honors and AP programs and wonderful teachers, in both on-level courses and AP. I do wish the Arts programs had received as much attention as the Football team did.
The school has been very proactive with Aysel's learning disabilities and IEP. Her current teachers have taken a personal interest in her success. They have worked with her to not only improve her grades and GPA but to foster daily life experience by implementing a work based learning schedule allowing her to hold down a part time job.
This is my third year at sequoyah high school. A few teachers are a bit un suited for the job but most teachers are one of a kind. They make school entertaining and are actually involved with their students. They are caring and will make sure the students are doing well. The downside to the school is the sanitation of the building. It’s gotten better but the shape the bathrooms are in is concerning.
I love that everyone is a big family and we all come together to help when needed. Most people are ready to help anyone even if it’s just giving a compliment or helping someone understand something.
Very welcoming atmosphere. The staff is very attentive to students and their needs and truly wants to see them succeed. I would, however, love to see more attention to the arts from the administration :). The school could be more well balanced in terms of sports vs. arts.
Administration is horrible and inconsiderate towards the students. Especially when ill and numerous doctor's notes, they have no consideration or care for the students success.
The school is nice but the teachers are decent. They are very strict about stuff but it’s a good thing. The food can be good or bad at times
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Sequoyah High School is a very good school. It has many different clubs to get involved in. Most teachers are very passionate about their subject and teach very well.
Guidance counselors and staff is incredibly helpful and friendly! It's obvious they truly care about the future and well-being of students
Overall, I enjoyed my time at Sequoyah. I have learned many life lessons from being here for the past 4 years and will take what I have learned into the next chapter of my life.
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