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Senn High school is one of the most diverse high schools in Chicago. They have multiple programs for upcoming students, such as theater arts, preforming arts, visual arts, IB program, and more. The staff is mostly friendly and the principal is doing great. The security guards handle the halls well and the teachers do their job. Lunch ladies are also the nicest you will ever meet. The only thing that brings this school down is a small amount of gang members and fights going on. That does, however, happen in almost every High School in Chicago. Our school has a strong voice with leaders not afraid to express their opinions. Everyday, we get better and bette as more problems are fixed.
I had many great experiences here at this school but there where times where I didn't know weather or not I could trust my teachers. Most of them where great and very helpful but I did have a few that where somewhat careless. I loved the activities here and I had a lot of fun participating because it was a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. I took theater at this school and I loved it because we have two theater classes everyday here. I am very great full and very happy for this. I have learned a lot about my peers and made some incredible friends.
I am a current high school senior at Senn High School. I am also in the International Bachelorette program which is largely what my ratings are based off of.
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I came to Senn from Lane Tech starting my sophomore year. Ever since then, I have felt the most welcome and at-home compared to my time at Lane. I have found my friends, I've been able to practice and pursue my passion, and am challenged academically. There is so much support compared to any selective enrollment school I know about. I feel like I have actually learned valuable information and am ready for college.
I like how diverse the school is but some teachers are just okay. Overall staff is more focusef on Ib and tend to ignore regular kids.
My experience here is sooo very good because I feel safe and ready to learn everyday I come here. I like thr classes I can take so I can learn about important stuff and the after school activities I can be a part of. Things that can change is nothing everything about the school is already good for there to be anymore changes.
I think Senn high school is a great place to be in because its very diverse and interesting. I also get to learn a lot of things from this school. it creates a friendly environment and I get to meet many different people from different countries.
My experience with Senn has been great. This school is very diverse which is amazing. Classes here are definitely fit my academic
Senn High school is a really good school. I really like their education system and helps many students. The only problem I have with them is their lunch is not good.
The school has a diverse and creative community, making it an easy place to fit in and still be yourself. It also has a lot of options to help you grow even after you graduate. Some of the other students can make the school a hassle, but otherwise it's great!
As a sophomore sennarts student I can say that going here has been the best .I'm challenged academically in my honors classes and my theatre classes push me to be the best I can be.The climate is very welcoming and resources are very accessible.
Senn is a pretty decent school. it's a really good school if you are looking for diversity. the teachers are great ( some of them). you feel pretty safe and welcome at Senn.
Senn high school has a very diverse and friendly environment. They help out their students a lot in order to get them into their dream colleges. They have honors classes and Ib and AP classes too. They manage to keep the study environment for their students very focused, clean, safe and friendly.
An okey school, great if you do some type of arts. But I think that they can way better. Senn has potential but they just don't use it.
Senn has a very diverse student body that makes it unique. There are many different clubs and activities for every student to be a part of. It is also a wall-to-wall IB school which offers IB classes to students who want to take them. Sennarts is also made up of talented artists.
The academics are great and teachers are generally very supportive but I have had trouble with teachers and 504 plans.
I like the diversity in Senn. The spirit the school carries and how supportive everyone is. Most people here come from all around Chicago and the school is quite welcoming.
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The diversity in Senn High School is out of this world and it forms a vibrant school culture. However, Senn is not perfect and fights and other happenings do occur now and again.
During my four years of high school, the most I take from Senn would be how well they prepare you for college. I’d say this school does an amazing job with preparing students for the environmental change they’ll experience after high school. One thing I’d like to change however would be the funding of the sports and art departments. Very talented young students attend Senn and it was saddening to see how the budget cuts to these departments effected/limited their passions.
I loved the environment and the people. It was easy to make friends and get around the building once u been there long enough. The teachers are great and this is a great place to let your kids go to high school if they are looking for a different experience.
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