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My kids have been attending Self Development for a few years now. There are areas for improvement, just like any other school. The difference is, that they are always trying to change and improve their school and not settle. The education is more advanced and on a steady pace. A parent needs to be aware of this and participate when needed.
Both of my kids went here and the time and effort and attention paid to each of them, on an individual basis was simply outstanding. All of the children at this school have a passion for learning like I have never seen before. Bravo!
Self Development Academy (SDA) provides an exceptional academic foundation and fosters whole child development. My daughter began attending SDA with Kindergarten. She was a timid child, barely speaking throughout her Kindergarten year. The staff and teachers worked with and encouraged my daughter, and over the years her confidence grew and grew. She participated in class activities and afterschool clubs. Her academic skills developed as well. She transitioned from SDA successfully, and is now taking Honors classes. She was accepted to NJHS and made the Dance Team. I cannot thank the SDA staff and teachers enough for the providing a strong academic foundation and the care they took in helping my daughter develop her organizational and study skills and overall character.
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As a teacher at Self Development Academy (SDA) for eleven years, I find my passion for teaching continues to grow. The support of the staff, administration, and parents all play a role in the student's success. This is important to our entire team, as the thought of creating lifelong learners continues to be our mission. With our accelerated curriculum, students are challenged each day. The focus on critical thinking and preparing students for high school and college facilitates their success. In addition, all students are provided the learning skills needed to reach their goals. As a teacher at SDA, I wanted to keep an open mind about my own child's education. I placed her in the two's at the preschool at SDA, and her academic progress and love for learning has increased tremendously. As a parent and a teacher, I am proud to be a part of this team.
I have been teaching at Self Development for five years now and have loved every minute of it. The high level of academics expected from our students is one of the defining features here. The students work at 1-2 years above grade level in all subjects with a continuous review of the basics at grade level to make sure there are no gaps in their learning. This means as a teacher that I am able to teach works like To Kill a Mockingbird or Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. However, the best aspect of this school is the community that we have built. In the middle school, the teachers know all of the students and work with the child as a whole to make sure they have the support that they need. This is an amazing school and I love teaching here!
We have been lucky enough to be a family at this school for over ten years now. It has been exciting to see the school grow. The best part of this school is that the principal and teachers treat each child as an individual and ensure they are given what they need to be successful. Anytime I have been there during the school day I have seen the multiple resource teachers throughout the school working with small groups of children. This school is amazing at utilizing multiple ways to communicate with parents. They send out emails to parents regarding upcoming events and there is a calendar on their website. They also have a Facebook page that posts events. If you go into the front office, they have all the flyers that were recently sent home available. I am very happy to have been able to have my children attend this school.
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