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As a high school senior that has been here for all four years, I would say that Seguin does the best that they could offer. If a situation were to occur (ex: COVID-19), the administrators are ready to find a solution to provide safety towards the students and their families. In general, I do feel safe whenever I'm on the school campus. Although there are fights at times, it's not frequent as we are now high schoolers and have matured a bit more. One thing I would like to change is the lack of fun activities to get the students engaged. With the diversity in this school, having a cultural day or cultural event where students can show off their culture in the auditorium would be fantastic. It can let students learn about each other's cultures, learn more about their own culture, and even learn about how their peers celebrate the same culture. But overall, Seguin is a really good school and I'm hoping to enjoy my last year here, even with a pandemic floating around.
I liked the career programs they had. Teachers could be better. I liked that it's mostly a high performing academic school.
I would like more involvement with the students and having more fundraisers so we can actually have field trips.
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My teachers from 9th-12th have believed in me ever since and I am truly grateful for them! I wouldn't change a thing about my high school experience as it was a very good point of maturity.
Seguin is school that is known for its music and arts programs and their academics so yes I believe it too be a very good high school.
Seguin is a great school. I really have no complaints. I've attended Seguin for four years and never had any issues. Teachers can sometimes be difficult but that can be an issue at any school. The lunch food isn't great but there are many places off campus for upperclassmen students.
I started here at this school during my sophomore year, I'd figure it would be great as my sophomore year was my most exciting year at this school. As my junior and senior went along it had progressed to get worse as a whole. More fights occurred, there were very few selective teachers who actually helped, and counselors were no help unless an incident was caught by their attention. The school overall is pretty small (smallest school in district) and resulting from that is bad sports teams. The football team has won 0-1 game in the past 2 years and I think that leads to the lack of school spirit. If you are looking for school spirit,fun events, and a good experience you most likely won't get it here.
My experience at Seguin High School started off great, fresh into high school living the dream. Further into my years I kind of lost myself and wasn't really involved like I used to be. My teachers began to notice and they helped cheer me up a lot. I appreciate a lot of the administration there.
I like Seguin High School because it is small enough so everyone knows each other and it's like a community, but we lack school spirit because we're not exceptional in any particular area.
I like that it's a small school and everyone is involved. It feels like a big family there. There's a variety of different activities for the students there. The school is very academically focused. At sequin I feel like they're academically preparing me for my next educational goal, which is college.
Overall I think Seguin High School is a good school. But it's not a great school.
I think they could definitely do a better job at teaching academics and preparing for life after highs school. Such as helping students create plans for how they want to proceed afterwards. Although I guess some could argue that a student should have the self discipline to do this themselves.
Seguin is the smallest school in the district and is definitely not known as being of the most prestigious schools, however, Seguin makes up for what it lacks with academics and fine arts.
Seguin has all the classes needed for success, and in the district there is the CTC where they can help get a student certified in a particular field.
Seguin High school is a small school compared to the other Arlington high schools. Although it is small, it is one of the top-rated for education. The student life there is peaceful, with not much to worry about except daily school work. Nothing wild or crazy happens at Seguin, which makes one less thing to worry about.
Starting as a freshman, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit in. As time passed, I felt like I was slowly growing into the schools community. All the teachers here at seguin made you feel like you valuable and were ready to help you any way to help you get ready for college. Also the schools sports involvement made the spirit really fun. Every Friday night for football, it felt like the whole school was there. The schools feels connected all together win or lose.
The people at Juan Seguin High School have a variety of experiences throughout their high school life here. For me personally, I thought that Seguin was rather good when compared to the surrounding high schools. The school implements a high care for student and faculty safety and generally just gives a comfortable environment for everyone. The classes here are very engaging and does a great job of keeping new knowledge implanted into the students mind. However, that being said, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that there are still things I would change. If there was one thing I would change about Seguin High School, it would be the fact that the school does not do a great job of keeping school spirit. There have been numerous attempts to do so, but the students still seem very lackluster.
I liked how involved the teachers are to their students and they do prepare students to college and put for challenging classes. Although, the schedule changes and new literacy activities involved are a bit unnecessary for the juniors and seniors who already know how to read an article. I could see possible changes for a better structure of the schedule where more time can be put into classes, or lunch, instead of putting a small 20 minute time frame of school activities. But at least the building of the school is well suited to fit the students and even expanded a wing.
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This is the first time i went to a school in the US and it has been a whole new change for me which i have been into it a lot. Courses, teachers, food are better than i expected
What I like about seguin high school are the students. The students are very nice to each other and understand that bullying is not cool. The school itself is a very clean and open minded environment
Overall, Seguin is a great place to go to school. It has a beautiful campus and has some teachers who always make my day better. However, there are some things I would change. The math department is lacking here, I lived in cibolo my freshman year and had a fantastic algebra teacher. I was disappointed when I moved here and realized math wasn't as easy to understand due to the poor teaching style. Another thing Seguin does not have an abundance of is school spirit. No one is excited on game days and you never hear any pride of our school. I think Seguin would benefit tremendously if these issues were dealt with.
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