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There have been many ups and downs during my years spent at Segerstrom but the one thing that kept me sane throughout those years was the drama program and the arts. The theater was my favorite place to be but my school didn’t really promote or care for our program. I wish to change the way other clubs and students viewed our program because it really is so incredible the way that a group of students are able to pull off a couple of shows throughout the year with only the help of two teachers. We aren’t given as much money for our program compared to other schools but we made amazing shows with the resources that we had. I will only ever remember the drama program when I look back at my time at Segerstrom and it’s not a bad thing, it helped me find my true calling and where I was meant to be.
My experience in Segerstrom was in a way both good and bad. The good thing was that I was involved in a lot of activities and programs given by my school. I enjoyed this program when I struggled in my classes. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the school spirit. I didn't like the energy some kids gave off to others and everything was based on popularity.
Segerstrom High School fits the expectations of the average American high school student in the best of ways. A relatively clean and spacious campus with a large number of students from grades 9-12. Expect a pleasant experience with little complaints other than an average school culture and a displeasing cafeteria. For a public school in the Greater Los Angeles area, Santa Ana, it exceeds the expectations and will accommodate well for the academic needs and college preparation in a modern school setting.
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The staff at Segerstrom High School is incredible. They truly care about every single student on campus and they try their best in pushing students to work at their full potential. Segerstrom High School holds a very safe environment and academics is very important.
My experience as a student at Segerstrom High School is very memorable. I was given a lot of opportunities to take part in the community. Our school has an amazing educational surrounding. However I wish some programs in the school would be treated the same as others. Sports is well-loved however clubs and the performing arts program are not highly encouraged.
At the time of attendance Segerstrom strived to prepare their students for college ready programs and encouraged all students to apply to the University. If I had known about more majors and certificate programs availalbe. For example: Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant from certied programs at Stanbridge University located in Irvine I would have gone that route sooner. Many of the classes I took were electives because I had to fill my schedule with classes I did not need due to the school dismissing the idea of early dismissal.
Student dress codes were a code of conduct they enforced on students that was highly unecessary.
Segerstrom High School offers you so many opportunities to get ahead, for the future, and to find who you are. The teachers are very supportive and are willing to work with you whenever you need help whether it be with grades and homework or personal things like clubs and tutoring. Segerstrom also has a great college future plan teacher who works with every student to make sure they are prepared for life after high school.
I like that everyone is kind and tries to help but I wish that we were informed about things more often.
Segerstrom High School, for me, I can say that I am glad I chose to go here when I got picked for the lottery. This school is what you make out of it, you get good grades when you go to tutoring right when you need help. It exemplifies a good college prep school and every teacher really wants you to succeed. There are good and bad to all schools, and the bad side is that some teachers may not be the best. But the teachers won't be the reason you don't get an A in the class, that is on you and your mindset. This school really tries to push you so you can be prepared for college, it is entirely up to the student whether or not they choose to listen.
Segerstrom high school had so much to offer . The staff there are so supportive of whatever you chose to do for the arts . The arts are seen as a trophy since not many do it but those who do are seen as the brave ones due to the pressure you get when standing and acting in front of an audience. The environment is so commute and the principal is very friendly and outgoing inspiring kids to take in their goals
I enjoyed my experience being at Segerstrom Highschool. You can meet a lot of kind people who are willing to help you. Now for me, I enjoy learning when I understand the topic. Most teachers at Segerstrom highschool do an exceptional job of teaching students and providing examples for them.
This school is so amazing. I got in by lottery and though a lot of people know each other, I was accepted quickly and have made genuine friends that have stuck with me throughout high school. The administration is constantly looking for ways to help students emotionally and academically.
Segerstrom involved me in so much to make me a well rounded student. I participated in a lot of after school clubs and activities and they all shaped me into a better person. I grew in a lot of different ways and it was very much a learning experience.
Segerstrom high school is an average school its overall a good school but if you are not involved in any sports or clubs you don't really have any fun because those activities are what makes it fun.
Segerstrom High School has great teachers that truly care about their students. The security becomes close to the students and checks in on them and makes sure that all the students that attend school feel like they have someone to talk to.
I appreciate how everyone on campus cares for you education and does all in it's ability to see their students get further in their education and provide every single student with the needed tools be be successful in both the classroom and in life outside of school. Segerstrom is full of many oppurtinites and gives their all to see students as happy as possible.
I really like Segerstrom high school because it is a safe environment for any students to be in and there are so many activities to do like and sports which s very fun to be in and the teachers are very productive with some students which are very helpful in a way.
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I really love this school! All the teachers are very helpful. There are many opportunities to get help when applying to colleges.
What I like about Segerstrom High School are the teachers on how they teach students. They prepare the students well, and the students feel comfortable with the teachers.
The overall culture of the school allows students to grow and experience new things. The staff at school are very helpful and friendly which allows students to not hesitate when they need help from them.
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