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Explore the most diverse high schools in your area. Ranking based on ethnic diversity statistics from the U.S. Department of Education and student and parent reviews of ethnic, economic, and cultural diversity. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

  1. Wp Davidson High School

    • Mobile County Schools, AL
    • 9-12
    • 184
    9 Most Diverse Public High Schools in Alabama

    High School Senior: I love my High School very much.

    WP Davidson is amazing! This school is very diverse in every aspect imaginable. There are many educational oppurtunities at this particular PUBLIC school! These oppurtunities include the International Baccalaureate program (history and english/literature), the EPIC program (engineering, math, and science), AP classes, honors program, advanced and honors classes available to non-honors program students, and regular highschool classes that are receiving the best education, statistically, in the county.

    Davidson offers a variety of clubs and organizations that I recommend and en outages students to create and run new clubs.

    The teacher at Davidso,n that I have had, have been incredible! I have not only passed tests and classes like some students would feel they are only doing, but I am expanding my curiosity and interests beyond that of the classroom because of my teachers. They have allowed me to become more aware of the world I live in whether it be within the environment, politics, businesses, career options, and life in general. I have developed several passions for things such as politics, math, environment, fine arts, etc, just by listening to and having intellictual conversations with my teachers.

    I love my school and would never want to repeat my 4 years anywhere else if I had the chance. GO WARRIORS
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    • A-
      Overall Niche Grade
    • A-
    • 1,523 Students
    • 17:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
  2. Florence High School

    • Florence City Schools, AL
    • 10-12
    • 245
    11 Most Diverse Public High Schools in Alabama

    High School Junior: The extracurricular activities and flexibility of class schedules are really what make Florence High School a phenomonal school conducive to an exciting yet educational four years. Florence High School is extremely diverse and this allows for multicultarism to thrive and educate students. The diversity also allows for a wide variety of clubs and organizations to be present. Students come from all different walks of life and because of this you see a wide variety of social clubs from high school sororities to GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) and clubs for learning sign language and multiculturalism. Students come from all over the shoals to participate in Florence Academy of Fine Arts; however, any FHS student can take these classes and participate in the various programs. The Shoals area has a deep musical history and the arts are kept alive through this school! Athletics are very prominate and Florence does very well when it comes to sports. Some of my greatest experiences in High School have been from my participation in academic and service oriented clubs like Science Olympiad and Key Club. Florence has allowed me to pursue a variety of different interests and through these experiences I have met people from Florence, the Shoals, and all over the state. I have homed my interests and skills and I now have a better idea of what I wish to do in college and beyond. I am thankful for the opportunities that Florence provides its students with and the interesting background that a public school in Alabama is able to take advantage of!
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    • A+
      Overall Niche Grade
    • A-
    • 987 Students
    • 15:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
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2018 Most Diverse High Schools in Alabama