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  1. Dublin Coffman High School

    • Dublin City School District, OH
    • 9-12
    • 246
    6 Best College Prep Public High Schools in Ohio

    High School Sophomore: Academics are amazing throughout the Dublin City school district. At the high school level, they offer regular, honors, AP, and IB classes. Honors is on a 4.5 scale, AP and IB are on a 5.0 scale. AP classes are more traditional and straightforward; students need to be ready to go at a fast pace and memorize a lot of information to spit out on tests. IB on the other hand, slows down and zooms in, it gives you the opportunity to develop your own opinions on subject matter, and assessments are usually essays. The most rigorous path is the IB Diploma Programme where students must take 6 IB classes and participate in lots of testing throughout the year. Most students take a variety of different classes, for my junior year, I'm taking three AP classes and two IB classes based on my varying learning styles in those subjects. Dublin also offers many academies that students can participate in to get a taste on a particular field. Coffman hosts the Engineering academy, otherwise, students must travel to Jerome or Scioto for other academies. For me, the scheduling process can be very stressful because there are too many great classes to choose from, and I always want to compete with my peers. For less motivated students, it's probably not that big of a deal. Classes unique to Coffman include Anatomy and Physiology, where students dissect cats, and we also have a new class called IB Further Math, which is college level math beyond calculus, and throughout the world, there are only 150 students, this year, 15 of them are at Coffman! Another popular class is AP American Studies, which is Honors English II and AP US History in a combined class for two periods. It's my favorite class and I have learned so much about society and human interactions, while developing my writing style.
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2018 Best College Prep Public High Schools in Ohio