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Explore the public high schools that best prepare their students for college success. Ranking based on graduation rates, AP enrollment, SAT/ACT scores, state test scores, and the quality of colleges that students consider. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

  1. Urbana High School

    • Frederick County Public Schools, MD
    • 9-12
    • 381
    15 Best College Prep Public High Schools in Maryland

    High School Senior: Urbana High School is usually known for their high-achieving academic programs and students and for the most part that is a correct statement. The school is extremely active and involved, along with the students, when it comes to sports and raising money for charities or for the school itself. My favorite experience would have to be cheering for the fall Football season. Though I was the only guy, everyone else had encouraged me and never gave me any hateful words or comments, and cheering is something that I will be carrying onto in college. Urbana High School is pretty unique in the aspect that the school offers the International Baccalaureate Program, which I am involved in, and the program really gives a student a "push in the right direction" for the future. Though, there is a lot of stress (too much some may say) that the program causes and management of time is key to succeed in this program and in the school itself. The students are "okay," by this I mean there are cliques in which every student must be involved in, in order for them to be considered a "real student." Overall, the atmosphere of the school is welcoming (considering the school looks like a college campus), the spirit is pretty lively, and the teachers are helpful and aid the students in any way that they can!
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    • A+
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      College Prep
    • 1250 Average SAT
    • 29 Average ACT
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2018 Best College Prep Public High Schools in Maryland