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Explore the private high schools that best prepare their students for college success. Ranking based on SAT/ACT scores, 4-year matriculation rate, the quality of colleges that students consider, and student and parent ratings of college readiness. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

  1. The Field School

    • Private School
    • Washington, DC
    • 6-12
    • 21
    10 Best College Prep Private High Schools in District of Columbia

    Parent: Material is taught from multiple perspectives and teachers pay attention to each child's learning style. Small class size allows kids to bloom as public speakers and gain confidence as learners. There are high academic standards and expectations without competitiveness or excessive pressure. At times, the highest motivated students don't have as much opportunity for enrichment as in other schools in the geographic area and sometimes have to wait for their classmates to catch up. A studio period allows for each student to express themselves through art -- ceramics to theatre to rock band to digital media and no one has to give that elective up for an academic course. Dance (except for middle schoolers) and classical orchestra are missing. Even students with vastly different interests and different social groups are kind to one another; there are no "mean girls." No cut JV sports and PE options allow all students of all abilities to participate and to be active. It would be nice if some PEs such as Zumba or dance were offered all year long. Community building activities such as parent social and grandparents day keep entire families involved in the school. 6 years of languages are offered. Language and math classes can include range of ages from 7th grade through 12th and sometimes the classroom behavior of the less mature students can be a distraction for the older students.
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    • A+
      Overall Niche Grade
    • A+
      College Prep
    • 1280 Average SAT
    • 30 Average ACT
2018 Best College Prep Private High Schools in District of Columbia