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  1. Wellesley Senior High School

    • Wellesley Public Schools, MA
    • 9-12
    • 138
    7 Best Public High School Teachers in Massachusetts

    High School Senior: I'm glad to have the opportunity to attend Wellesley High School. It's one of the most prestigious high schools in Massachusetts and attracts some of the best and most experienced teachers. The quality of teaching is superb, especially in higher level classes. Wellesley High is also known for very high levels of preppiness, affluence, entitlement, and homogeneity, although it is not difficult to find good friends. Cliques are prevalent but most cliques are relatively inclusive. Most students participate in sports and sports are consequently one of the best ways to meet people. Traditional clubs like Student Congress, Debate, Key Club, Science Team etc. are not as strong as similar clubs at other less athletics-oriented schools, although students who are passionate about clubs often find high levels of success in these clubs. In addition to strong athletics, Wellesley High is very well-known for exceptional performing arts programs. The theater, orchestra, band, and choir programs have won more awards than they can even display! There is also strong student involvement in these activities. Academically, Wellesley High has a reputation of being very rigorous. Students who attend prestigious institutions after college often mention that college feels like a breeze after 4 years of Wellesley High. The English department at Wellesley High is particularly distinguished and is so rigorous and well-regarded that Wellesley High does not offer AP English classes as Honors English at Wellesley High is more demanding than the AP English courses. The challenging courseload can produce high levels of stress, but one hallmark of the Wellesley High academic experience is that stress unites students and makes them more collaborative instead of creating a cut-throat environment which exists at many nearby schools. The very rigorous courseload eventually prepares students exceptionally well for college as many students attend the most selective institutions.
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    • A+
      Overall Niche Grade
    • A+
    • 1,480 Students
    • 12:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
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2018 High Schools with the Best Teachers in Massachusetts