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2022 Best Schools in Rialto

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  1. Samuel W. Simpson Elementary School

    • Rialto Unified School District, CA
    • K-5
    • Rating 5 out of 5  1 review

    High School Freshman: Simpson is a great elementary school because, with what I've seen and experienced, the teachers are so involved with their students and. I feel like the teachers really try to help students learn and to love school.

    Simpson had the best grades out of all the elementary schools in the city. The academic levels were so high and I remember that I started reading Harry Potter in the second grade. That's just how high-level it was.

    The environment was really nice and safe. The school was in a small town after all. There was very very rarely any suspensions or expulsions.

    Everyone knew everyone, literally. The students would greet the janitors and lunch ladies (even hugging the staff). Students would also help clean up the campus voluntarily.

    Additionally, the parent involvement was amazing. My own mother was always in with all the teachers. I had multiple friends who had their parents in the PTO.

    The enrichment and talent show was also a big part of the school. Each year there was a talent show hosted by the legendary Mrs. Kennedy. (She was also the host of our lively and weekly Friday morning meetings, in which we handed out awards, danced, sang and just had a good time.) The talent show was a spectacle to behold. So many kids participated every year and nobody was ever made fun of for what they did. Our school didn't hold talent shows as competitions. In fact, I didn't even know that talent shows were supposed to be contests until I saw it in a movie. I was in the talent show each and every year. I was also in two plays at that school. Recently, the school opened up the 'Simpson Singers'. I know because my two little sisters are in Simpson and they are in it.

    Overall, my experience in Simpson was absolutely great. Although the budgets were always low, our little community found a way to make the place a happy time.
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    • grade B minus
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 699 Students
    • 25:1 Student-Teacher Ratio