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2022 Best Schools in Ontario

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  1. Grace Yokley Middle School

    • Mountain View Elementary School District (Ontario), CA
    • 6-8
    • Rating 4.33 out of 5  3 reviews

    High School Senior: When I look back on my middle school memories at Grace Yokley Middle School (GYS) I see myself as a young girl realizing her individualism, voice, and uniqueness. The classes and afterschool activities is what impacted me the most at GYS. The fact that I was able to engage in academics, electives, fitness, and build student relationships with teachers entrigued me, I absoulutly loved school.

    I was dropped off very early in the morning, often times when the school was just opening their gates. I was able to get breakfast and spend my time waiting for class in a safe welcoming enviorment. Class was very engaging to the students, in class we were always doing something wheter it was watching a film, taking notes, reviewing homework, reading, etc. I was never bored. Teachers were very open to students. I remember having actual conversations with my teachers. Which to me, is very unique.

    Afterschool I was part of SRLA, a program where students trained to run the LA Marathon. Within the program we not only trained with a coach but we ran with our prinicipal, teachers, and parents. In fact, all parents were engaed in being a part of SRLA whether it was being a runner themselves or giving out water and snacks at checkpoints motivating runners to push on. I personally believe that SRLA showed me to challenge myself, because I can take on more than what I actually think.

    Overall my experience at GYS was taking the first steps to life. I challegened myself, learned balance with academics and extracirricular activities, I built relationships, learned to speak in front of others, found skills I didnt know I had, fiddled in the endless music, art, cooking, crafts, sewing, computors, piano, dance, sports, fitness, I saw the communication between my parents and my school life, I found out what true friends were, I grew in all aspects of my life in a short period of time. GYS is unique. It gives students the option to take initiative of their school life.
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    • grade B
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 890 Students
    • 24:1 Student-Teacher Ratio