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2022 Best Schools in La Mirada

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  1. Wilbur Tracy High School

    • ABC Unified School District, CA
    • 9-12
    • Rating 4.33 out of 5  6 reviews

    High School Senior: Numerous different academic classes are present at Tracy Highschool but I wish their was more of a wider range of variety in it. The classes that I had taken this last semester have been quite interesting and was a learning experience for me because everyday there was always something new to learn, grasp, and often times I found it as something I can relate directly to my own life and make something better of it. The curriculum is often times easy to take in and often times can be challenging. The workload is good enough for you learn at school and work on there, so when it is time to go home you can work on other responsibilities. I think that the should give out more take home assignments and projects to work on home. Most of the time we just get lectures, notes, and a good amount of classwork. Teachers are considerate and respective of the needs of other students time to work on assignments. There is not a day that I don't enjoy being in class. The teachers here are more then just educators they are lifelong mentors, ones that you will always carry in the depths of your heart. The teachers and this community have helped me endure into that prospective individual I've always strived to be. This school offers online courses and independent studies given to students who perhaps can't for ever reason take the class physically. I believe different studying opportunities are a wonderful advantage because it gives any one a chance to pursing their educational needs and goals. At Tracy Highschool there is always a second chance to get right on track to the view of your education.
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    • grade C+
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 221 Students
    • 16:1 Student-Teacher Ratio