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2022 Best Schools in Finney County

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  1. Horace J. Good Middle School

    • Garden City Unified School District, KS
    • 7-8
    • Rating 3.6 out of 5  5 reviews

    Parent: The school has greatly improved in the past four years and continues to do so for the better of the students. When I was there honors courses were limited but now there are several options available for those in the 8th grade. Students also have the opportunity to take high school level math in order to be a year ahead once they become freshmen in high school. Something my sibling took and I do believe it will help in the long run. ... The school also has athletic and academic groups students can join. Participation is a bit low but some of the groups are also brand new so it may take a while to catch on. I do believe that more students will eventually join. ... I also believe that the large amounts of diversity available at the school are also important for a student to develop. The school has students from several countries, all who have different languages and religions. It is important for children to begin learning about the global community in order for them not to become bigots as adults. The school allows students to rethink any prejudices they may have learn as young children and to finally let those misconceptions go. I know other parents in Garden City may disagree with me but as a college student I believe it truly prepares young students for a higher education. ... The only reason I didn't rank higher was because some of the attitudes parents have that they pass on to their children. There are several bright students but many of them do not have any parental support whatsoever. The school tries to do their best and some students are encouraged by school support. Others, unfortunately, aren't. There's also the parents that refuse to believe their child could do something wrong and confronts teachers about it. Not at all helping their child either. And let us not forget the parents that reinforce stereotypes. ... Thankfully, there are a small number of parents that aren't like that. For which I'm sure everyone is grateful for.Read 5 Reviews

    • grade C
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 752 Students
    • 13:1 Student-Teacher Ratio