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  1. The Bolles School

    • Private School
    • Jacksonville, FL
    • PK, K-12
    • 130
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    The Bolles School, often shortened to just Bolles, is great. I think when I graduated there were around 100 active clubs, multiple sports opportunities, and lots of neat choices for classes (Astronomy, Acting, Economics, Band, Speech, etc.) as well as more traditional classes (AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP English, AP Language). The school does not wholly bar a student from taking an advanced class; if a student with insufficient grades wishes to, he or she can petition and must prove his or her desire to learn in the advanced class.

    Thus, there is a feeling of academics in the air of Bolles. But it's not entirely noticeable, depending on the students you speak to. There are many students who wish to simply get a passing grade; but, there are many who wish to study to achieve the best grades. Bolles recognizes the efforts of students who work hard to get superb grades: every quarter, the school congratulates students who go above and beyond in academics, the community, and/or athletics in convocations for the whole school.

    The school is driven by its athletic success. The football team frequently goes to the states competition; the swimming team's pool has had more swimmers go on to the Olympics than any other pool in the world. The wrestling team has tons of success. And the other sports, such as baseball, crew, basketball, softball, lacrosse, women's lacrosse, women's basketball and tennis, also have tons of success. As my enumeration might imply, the school is obsessed with athletics. Most students have athletic commitments every day after school for 2-3 hours. So don't be surprised when the school requires 2 seasons of a sport to graduate, or that every other student carries a water bottle around all day to hydrate. If you are not part of the athletic community, you will really feel ostracized.

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2018 Best Schools for STEM in Florida