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2022 Best Public Middle Schools in the Salem Area

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  1. Evergreen Elementary School

    • Silver Falls School District, OR
    • K-8
    • Rating 4 out of 5  1 review
    #2 Best Public Middle Schools in Salem Area

    High School Senior: I personally love Silverton High. Our school is full of spirit, great athletic programs, and supportive teachers. One downfall is that, being in such a small community, there are a lot of favoritism and cliques -- students that aren't part of a popular family, extremely outgoing, or best friends with the star of the football team often complain about this. However, I've never been to a school other than Silverton, so maybe that's just something that happens at all high schools. The classes here are good as long as you personally challenge yourself and take the harder ones. 90% of the teachers are kind, supportive, and challenging. I have found that the more advanced classes I take, the better the teachers are, and not just academically. As far as course types go, there are a lot of choices in the science department and more options are added almost every year, but some are taken out as well. One major disappointment for me this year was when the AP Psychology teacher moved, so I won't be able to take AP Psych next year. Like I said before, school spirit is definitely not lacking. Our student section is always huge at sport events, and assemblies are always a blast. We have fun dress up days on Homecoming week, which is something I always look forward to. The campus is beautiful and new. I would highly recommend Silverton to anyone who loves to be social and get involved with the community, but not as much to a quiet person who is looking for a solely academic experience...Read 1 Review

    • grade A minus
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 86 Students
    • 20:1 Student-Teacher Ratio