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  1. Hopkins Senior High School

    • Hopkins Public Schools, MN
    • 10-12
    • 334
    20 Best Public High Schools in Minnesota

    High School Junior: This school can give you a great education. However, it's like any school out there, you have to be willing to put the work in. There are so many unique classes offered here like ProPEL (an internship class where you get to hold a real life internship at places like the local hospital or General Mills), or journalism, accounting, astronomy, architectural design etc. The only reason you wouldn't get a class you want is if there aren't enough students registered to run it. The workload is manageable as long as you manage your time well, balancing a lot of AP classes can be hard but is definitely worth it in the end. If you ever get overwhelmed, we have something called TASC every Monday and Thursday where students get 40 minutes to talk to their teachers and catch up...not to mention the after school ASC program that provides tutoring for 2 hours. All of the AP classes are SO worth it! Other notable classes are newspaper (our newspaper is ranked nationally and they went to Washington DC for a conference this year), our choir program (also ranked nationally, has swept first place at the Festival Disney competition in Florida like the past five years in a row) and AP Calculus (April Felt and Mr. Hering, the teachers, are two of the best human beings I have ever met).
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    • A+
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 1,650 Students
    • 20:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
  2. Mayo Senior High School

    • Rochester Public School District, MN
    • 8-12
    • 200
    23 Best Public High Schools in Minnesota

    High School Junior: I love being a student at Mayo. I always feel welcomed there and it is so easy to make friends. Many movies depict high school with many cliques but at mayo we strive to make sure that everyone is included. Sure there were main friend groups but anyone could easily float between groups and get along. It's really like one big family. I've been a part of the soccer team, XC team, and the drama club and it is all like a giant family. Also, I sometimes forget that I am in a public school because I have only seen one fight and one drug bust. I feel really safe here and I know that someone always has my back. Our staff at Mayo is really good too! I remember that I had met my principal, Mr. Olson, a year before attending the school and when a year later in the middle of first semester I bumped into him and he remembered me and asked how I was adjusting. Mr. Olson is amazing, he knows every student's name and cares about all of us.

    A favorite memory of mine is GOFA. It's Mayo's "Give One For All" fundraiser for the Dorothy Day House center. The school goes wild during the month of December raising money like crazy. We hold huge pep fests and have these competitions between the grades in which we raise as much money possible in a minute. We also play this giant game of tag called "Paranoia" that we also raise tons of money from. There is just so many parts to GOFA that it is definitely my favorite part of the year at Mayo.

    Something that is extremely unique about Mayo is all the different cultures that come together and easily get along. Due to the Mayo Clinic, we have many different ethnicities at our school because people from around the world come to either work at the clinic or to get help from the clinic. At Mayo high school, we also try to make all these cultures be welcomed. In the halls, we have flags that represent all the ethnicities at our school. We also have foreign language week and international day where we embrace the different cultures.
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    • A
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 1,620 Students
    • 19:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
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