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2022 Best Private Schools in the Rochester Area

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  1. Siena Catholic Academy

    • Private School
    • 6-8
    • Rating 3.6 out of 5  5 reviews

    High School Sophomore: Siena is the only catholic secondary school in the area where you get a true middle school experience--in the best way. To me, the thought of attending one school for all grades from 6 or 7 until 12 is positively appalling. Plus, there you'll be a little fish in a big pond, whereas at Siena you are around kids of your age group and can have the types of experiences that you need to grow at that age. Another thing I loved about Siena was that unlike other catholic schools, Siena was definitely more accepting of all students. Nobody cared how much money you had or where you lived, which is not always the case at other private/catholic schools in the area. Next, teachers at Siena gave me the best education I could have ever asked for. No, Siena isn't some rigorous boarding school, but they do so much more than just teach you the material. I took advanced math and was challenged by both the teachers I had. Siena didn't offer me any other advanced classes, but I excelled in and learned very much in all the classes I took. And it never hurt me, because at my Catholic highschool that I graduated to, I was placed in all the Honors/APs. Teachers gave us notes, taught us the material, etc. But they also made personal relationships with their students and taught engaging lessons. The teachers are always willing to put in effort if you put in the effort back. Sadly, some students that attended the school at the same time as me did not put much effort in, and they are the ones who will rant to you about how much they disliked the school. The truth is, if you are a good student/good kid, the teachers will like you and you will have a positive experience. You don't have to be Einstein, just do your best and make an effort! Lastly, the friends I made at Siena are friends I will have for the rest of my life. At this school, almost everyone seems to find a group, and for me these were other people with the same values and interests as me. I am so thankful for Siena.
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    • 200 Students
    • 11:1 Student-Teacher Ratio