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2022 Best Private Schools in the Quad Cities Area

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  1. Unity Christian Elementary School

    • Private School
    • FULTON, IL
    • K-6
    • Rating 3.67 out of 5  9 reviews

    Niche User: I have been attending Unity for nearly my entire education thus far in my life. I had excellent teachers who knew what they were doing and were good at executing their talents. I loved my 5th and 6th grade teacher Mr. Schulz. He was unique; when he was 13, he was diagnosed with polio and had to have half of his leg amputated. He always used crutches and almost never a prosthetic leg, but he never had an issue keeping up with any of his students. He made class exciting, fun, and even decorated his classroom in his favorite animal (flamingos). I was homeschooled in 7th grade, but then returned to Unity in 8th grade. In middle school, the classes were not easy but they were definitely do-able. If there were honors classes for middle school, nearly all of the classes would be considered such. 7th and 8th grades are also in the same building as the high school; as an 8th grader, there was a good amount of bond between the middle and high school. Going into high school as a freshman, my nerves were able to be kept to a minimum because I knew a good portion of what to expect. Some of my closest friends were and are in higher grades, so taking a look into that they were into was not difficult not only for me, but for any other given student. Especially in high school, you are invited to be involved in as many things as possible. Of the 13 girls in the high school, 11 of them decided to go out for volleyball in the 2014-15 season. For basketball season, everyone is encouraged to participate by the teachers as well as the students. If I had to pick a favorite memory, it would be all of the relationships I have made at school. My best and closest friends are at school; we talk and hang out all the time outside of school. There is no doubt in my mind that they are true friends and not fake in any sort of way. Also, the teachers genuinely care about their students. They pour themselves into the lives of the students and are there for them no matter what...Read 9 Reviews

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    • 66 Students
    • 12:1 Student-Teacher Ratio