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  1. Bishop Brady High School

    • Private School
    • Concord, NH
    • 9-12
    • 85
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    High School Junior: Bishop Brady is a community! We are competitive with each other and ourselves but strive to see everyone succeed. The school is a giant family, after all we are the Giants. A perfect time to see our family all together is at playoff sports games; where most of us are decked out in gold and green with faces painted or at dances and homecoming games! However, while students care equally to see all of their peers do well, there have been issues recently with the faculty doing the same. Money is an important thing for schools and especially Brady since it is a private school. However, that should not mean that the principal of that school goes out of his or her way to celebrate the win of a sports team but not even mention the win of the math team (etc.). Another example is a simple "hello" in the morning and I have had a first-hand experience of my principal ignoring my "good morning" to her but immediately giving an eager "good morning" to the star softball player behind me. When that happens, kids lose interest in what they love and they stop doing these great and amazing things.The new school principal at Bishop Brady has exactly that and just one student noticing it is one thing, but when parents and the entire student body in the audience notices it and even murmurs, we are on an entirely new level. The leadership in the school's principal has been the only negative feeling that I have had about Bishop Brady.
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    • B+
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    • 322 Students
    • 9:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
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2018 Best Private High Schools in New Hampshire