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  1. Roosevelt High School

    • Sioux Falls School District, SD
    • 9-12
    • 315
    8 Best Public High Schools in South Dakota

    Niche User: Advice from a Current Attendee!

    Having transferred from a smaller district, I found Roosevelt's academic options refreshing. Generally, most teachers are interested in their jobs and are quite willing to help students and/or go above and beyond in the classroom- but there are those select few teachers in every school who sully the title of "educator". I've had a few classes with teachers who are terrible (these tend to be either the young, inexperienced teachers or the veterans who are simply bored and rude), and ended up having to literally hound teachers to fix mistakes in grading.

    Speaking of grading, mistakes are often made. Since Roosevelt is such a large school, most teachers find themselves tripping up often, and you will need to monitor your grades constantly to make sure that they are correct. I would also recommend taking any extra credit opportunities teachers give you in any classes to boost your grade to the max (especially in AP courses), because your grade can change very quickly with the outcome of just one or two assignments due to the grading scale.

    The scheduling process is, in itself, a process. Again, Roosevelt being such a large school brings up some hurdles when attempting to talk to counselors. You are required to make an appointment before seeing your counselor, which I found a little odd, but later began to understand as the office is constantly bombarded with hundreds of students. I would suggest making appointments a few days in advance for scheduling/schedule changes/college questions, etc.

    Taking AP and/or CTE classes is a popular option among students here, and people tend to like some of the more abstract English classes and Science classes as well. Required classes aren't overly boring, but they aren't riveting either, you can pass them with minimal effort in my opinion. The real excitement is in the electives.

    Hopefully this review has given readers an adequate insight into life at Roosevelt! Good luck!
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    • B+
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    • 2,193 Students
    • 18:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
  2. Watertown High School

    • Watertown School District, SD
    • 9-12
    • 124
    17 Best Public High Schools in South Dakota

    High School Senior: Watertown High School is the best school as far as uniqueness and support goes. My favorite experience as a student of Watertown High School is our homecoming, formally known as Ki-Yi. Ki-Yi was a unique experience that we all loved. Most schools have a parade for their homecoming as does Watertown, but nothing can beat the vans the seniors bounce throughout the parade, as well as the city-wide Arrow Pride shown throughout the town on the day of Ki-Yi. In addition to the parade, the entire week of Ki-Yi was unique. On Monday, The Legend too place in the gym, sharing the alliances of Native American tribes coming together as one to form a tribe known as "Ki-Yi." Throughout the week, there would be dress up days and then when it came to Thursday, it was the girls' time to shine. Junior and Senior girls would take the opportunity to show off their skills in a football game which was called the "powder puff" game. Once the seniors were finished winning against the juniors, the traditional "Burning of the W" would take place where the King and Queen, or Ki-Yi royalty would light a W on fire with a torch and the entire school would enjoy the huge bonfire. Last but not least, came friday, the homecoming game. Now, every school that has a homecoming has a football game, but nothing beats the school spirit of Watertown High School's school spirit and overall homecoming or what was known as Ki-Yi.
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    • 1,184 Students
    • 16:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
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