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  1. River Valley Charter School

    • Lakeside Union Elementary School District (Lakeside), CA
    • 7-12
    • 81
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    High School Senior: I came to this school in 9th grade after having been home-schooled every year prior. Needless to say, I was very intimidated to be in such a new environment and was quite concerned about how I would fit. Since that day, I have been friends with pretty much every single one of my classmates, and have even become best friends with students from the senior classes. I have never been bullied or felt as though I was disliked at this school. In fact, if anyone does dislike anybody, it is usually kept to themselves. If you feel as though you are an outcast or someone generally deemed unlikeable, you WILL find a group that you will click with. I wouldn't say that there are cliques at this school per-se...rather they are just large groups of people with similar interests that are more than willing to hang out with other groups.

    Most students are very academically oriented, so if you think you're the smartest kid there is--think again. You have got to work to stay at the top in this school. But even if you're not at the top, no one (except for maybe yourself) is going to think less of you. The homework WILL be challenging at many times and you WILL have long nights and days in which you spend a good thirty minutes crying, but I can assure you without any hesitation that it will be worth it. You will grow academically and as a person...and in most cases the latter is developed more largely than the former.

    The teachers are the best. They are all unique in their own way with many interesting quirks, but their one commonality is their commitment to you, their chil--I mean, student. Really though, a lot of the teachers may accidentally-intentionally consider them as your child. And you WILL have classmates that are relatives of the teachers.

    Although I myself have never partaken in any athletics, I know many of the athletes. Soccer is our jam...cross country, track-and-field, volleyball, and golf are a few of the other sports we have. We don't have football, but EC does!
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    • A
      Overall Niche Grade
    • 274 Students
    • 21:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
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