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My Seacrest experience has always felt meaningful from inside the classroom to outside the classroom, they have taught me ownership and have cultivated my quality of character. I am thankful for Seacrest because they brought me in as family, and they have always made me feel comfortable with being myself. One thing I would change at Seacrest would be the amount of time spent in class, I believe it should be shorter for students to be more engaged. I want to thank Seacrest for making their first priority my education.
Seacrest is a rare jewel in Pre-K through 12th-grade education. Both of my daughters attended Seacrest beginning in Pre-K. Every student at Seacrest is known and respected and encouraged to shine in their own unique way. My daughters gained a lifelong love of learning and Seacrest's style of teaching and advanced curriculum allowed my youngest daughter to seamlessly transition to the highly competitive academics and culture at Columbia University. I watched her lifelong friend and classmate do the same at Yale.

Although their academic achievements and abilities would be enough to rate Seacrest as five-stars across the board, the human beings my daughters became under the support and culture of Seacrest deserve the most praise. My daughters advanced into the world as responsible, self-motivated, kind, empathetic, and non-judgmental people who seek to do good in the world with their talents and abilities. That is the magic of Seacrest, it brings out the best in each student.
The school went to virtual learning during the pandemic. This did not work out well for us. Our older child did well and could work independently.

For the younger two kids, we ended up buying some of our own materials and homeschooling. My wife was a teacher for 15 years, so at least we had the skills in the family.

Early on, we ask for some concessions on the tuition that we paid in advance. Certainly, you would have thought that they would work with families. We discussed our concerns with school administration and even went to the board - without success. They were content to keep the tuition.

We left the school because we were concerned that there would be virtual school for part of the next school year when the virus returns. We were not willing to pay the hefty tuition in advance for a service that may not be delivered as expected. The experience taught us that there are no refunds - no matter what.

Ultimately, we felt betrayed and our trust was broken.
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This school has a great baseball program. The coaches helped me improve my games. The senior class is like family.
caring teachers, small classes, ability to do independent studies. everyone knows everyone else on campus. teachers, students and families socialize outside of school frequently. it's just a great environment
Seacrest teachers and administrators love what they do and work tirelessly and collaboratively to create a safe environment empowering students to learn, express themselves, and grow into responsible and compassionate leaders. Classes are engaging and focus on experience and inquiry and teachers skip the part of assigning meaningless homework that does not build dendrites. Students are encouraged to find their own voice, accept others, and give back to their community. Do not expect to hide in the back of the room, there is a place for every student to shine and the school is committed to making that happen.
I was a "lifer" at Seacrest, so I attended the school from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. The environment at the school could not be better for learning. The teachers sincerely care about your wellbeing and are not only your advocates while you're a student, but they become true friends and mentors for life. With the small school atmosphere you're able to dip your feet into every subject matter you could ever want and you're able to create real change. I could not recommend Seacrest Country Day School more. I want to send my own children there.
I can't put into words how much this school means to me. Like a home away from home, I have been able to grow and build my own family here. My teachers not only make my education their top priority, but they also want to know how I am doing in everyday life. Every school has its issues sure, and you might see no cafeteria and think "crazy," but don't confuse different for bad. There has never been a more loving place than Seacrest. I wouldn't be the same person I am without it.
My son is a second year student at Seacrest (Freshman) class. I have never seen him more excited about attending school. The one on one he receives from his teachers is incredible. He is excelling at an unprecedented rate and is right on track to be accepted and attend a major university. Everyone at Seacrest treats each other with care and respect and provides a comfortable and very close knit and safe environment. My family is truly thankful for Seacrest Country Day School. Go Stingrays
Seacrest is a school for change. They encourage growth in the community, leadership, and integrity while preparing students for college all at the same time! Teachers at Seacrest strive to tailor academics to the individual so that each student can get the extra push they need to work harder than they knew they could. There are lots of clubs to join ranging from growing in service to academically based clubs. The school is its very own community where upperclassmen talk to lowerclassmen, and vice versa, everyone is included and everyone learns what it means to be apart of something even bigger than themselves. The sports at Seacrest are a wonderful way to work on team building and create new relationships with other students you may not always hang out with, and they are great for the growth of the individual. Seacresters are from all over, every student practices making new lasting relationships with people throughout the school and it is amazing to watch it happen before your eyes.
You get to know everyone and you feel safe and comfortable in our community. The teacher will always be willing to help and stay after school to see what you need help with.
The campus is so friendly, they push you to express yourself and challenge your weaknesses. When I first arrived everyone made me feel welcomed; as if I had attended the school my entire life.
Able to develop closer teacher-student relationships due to small class sizes. Great learning environment.
I have been with Seacrest since sophomore year, and I can say that it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had. As a high school student, I was more focused on my academics and grades rather than sports. Prior to entering high school I heard horror stories of what kids like me go through and was terrified by the idea of being singled out because of my love for learning. However, Seacrest washed away all those worries. It's small size made everybody feel like they were in one large family. Nobody was pushed out of the community because they had certain interests. Instead, everybody around them encouraged those interests to grow into something greater. They helped grow what many kids today consider impossible or 'uncool'. I've learned so much in Seacrest, not just what it means to be a good student, but what it means to be a great human being.
We love Seacrest! It is an incredible school with a wonderful community of teachers, staff, students, and parents all committed to providing a holistic education within a loving and supportive environment. The academic curriculum is forward-thinking and innovative and we've been impressed how so much work is cross-curricular providing a deeper understanding of the subject matter. The teachers are wonderful and the environment is inclusive and inviting. My kids are in early elementary and have very different personalities and gifts but have both found a home at Seacrest and are thriving. Their strengths have been encouraged and supported and their challenges have been appropriately addressed helping them to grow in new ways. They love going to school and we are delighted to know they are in such a loving, supportive, and wonderful school. I couldn't recommend this school more.
I love the community of this school.
Some of the best teachers I've ever had the privilege of having.
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From first grade to senior year, we have experienced the best teachers, staff and programs. What makes the school unique is the individual attention give each child to improve their weaknesses and build their strengths.
The teachers are amazing and very dedicated. They all wear several hats.
This is a caring community that you cannot find eleswhere in the area
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