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My kids Brittany and Tim are graduates of Seacoast. They both have 4 year college degrees and have rewarding, high paying jobs. Seacoast did a great job of preparing my kids for the real world!
I have been at Seacoast Christian Academy for over 4 years. I enjoy to be at SCA, everything is great. I like the community, SCA is such a small school, so I love it a lot, everybody knows each other, they are really friendly. Education is excellent, teachers are really sweet and friendly. The only things I would like to change is SCA need to have more sports besides football, basketball, baseball, softball, cheerleader.
We loved the SAFE environment and HIGH standards of achievement afforded to EVERY student in all areas: academic, physical, and Christian spiritual development. Our children loved their teachers and the personal attention they received. Leadership puts children first. The FREE lunch program is great to. Thank you to Seacoast for investing in our children. GO SEACOAST!
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It has been amazing, and has such an amazing family like environment. I truly feel like i'm home when i'm at school.
Once you become an eagle at Seacoast Christian Academy, you are immediately family. The academics are held to high standards and the christian atmosphere is encouraging and non-judgmental. The students and faculty are phenomenal. The teachers are understanding and teach with passion, and are wiling to help students who need extra attention. Overall, this school is amazing and you should definitely enroll your children here.
this is my first year and yeah the school has its ups and downs but it was all for the best because this school not only taught me things academically but also personally and for that I am grateful
I went there in the middle of my senior year. I have been treated with the most respect from the students and staff.I'm happy to be there and would not change it for the world
As an international student, the school helped me understand the North American culture, bringing me close to other international and national students.
Its been a blast studying in this school,it is really small but really awesome experiences. Faculties and the students are really nice and teachers they care about each single one of the students. We have different subjects and they are all taught by great teachers. More importantly there are more international student from ever part of the world!
I have had 1 child and 2 grandchildren graduate from Seacoast from Ptr-school through 12th grade and it has been a 5-Star experience for them and us and prepared them to excell in life.
Both of my kids are graduates of Seacoast. Both of them have 4 year college degrees and rewarding high paying jobs. The administration and teachers of Seacoast shared the love of Jesus with my kids. I highly recommend Seacoast Christian Academy and Pre-School.
The thing I liked about Seacoast Christian Academy was that it was a very good atmosphere to be around. The thing I would like to see change is that they make it bigger, more diversity, more students and better transportation.
My children went to Seacoast Christian Academy throughout their elementary and middle school years and most of the high school years. The foundation they received in elementary school , especially in reading and writing was exceptional. They are both excellent college students due to the foundations they received at Seacoast. The small class size was very important in fostering a family-like atmosphere which gave them both confidence in learning. Overall, Seacoast Christian Academy was a perfect fit for our family.
There is a fence surrounding the school and a large courtyard.
Although there aren't as many clubs here, the ones they have are very involved and fun.
This school is pretty good. I've grown up here and the teachers and other students are like a family.
Many of the teachers are very passionate about making sure their students do well.
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I would say my school is very safe, we are always up to code on all of the safety requirements. Such as monthly fire drill and, and the occasional tornado drill.
I love that my school is small enough that we are all one big family. Everyone is welcoming and lovin, and overall great!
I love my teachers! They are all very engaging and approachable, always going above and beyond what they need to do. They are very personable and are always willing to help if one is struggling.
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