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I like how accessible help was with confusing courses. Teachers went out of their ways to schedule meetings to help those who didn’t understand the material. The only thing Seabreeze could improve on would be paying more attention to the students juuling.
It's a good school! It should probably work a bit more on the resources available to students by administration (such as not making it nearly impossible to see your counselor at any given moment). They should also improve clubs as there aren't that many that could help with future careers and there's mostly little to no involvement once you are a member of whichever club. The teachers are great for the most part, some really care about their students.
I liked the sports programs at seabreeze, as well as the AICE program, which is allowing me to excell far beyond what I thought was possible in high school.
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Seabreeze Highschool is a one of a kind experience with a very active staff and community of students that encourage one another to be competitive. The teaching capabilities of teachers allowed students such as myself to accel and learn quickly. One thing I may change about school is the tutoring or class help, it is offered at lunch on separate days for different subjects. I think that a club or a day should be implemented where students may all come together to discuss classes or any problems they may be occurring to help get a widespread voice of all feelings. Not only do I think this would help improve grades but also the campus atmosphere.
For me it was a great experience starting from my 8th grade summer visiting Seabreeze everyday I was an student athlete I was a letterman in football,track, and played basketball one year. I met my best friend there and now we attend the same college which is crazy . I had an great relationship with all my teachers I graduated with a 2.89 gpa if I could do high school over I would do it any day I loved it there. To the beach days skipping class haha to Friday night lights at the Municipal stadium our student section for football games was so turnt. There was not much arguing and fighting during school hours, it was always a vibe even the students you don’t know will speak to you. I love Seabreeze I wish I could run the 4 years back .
I have been provided with all the classes I need to be a successful student. The programs have changed a bit, and they have unfortunately taken some classes away that I have found to enjoy, but the school is a good environment for students to grow together and learn.
This is our oldest daughter’s first year here and so far, so good. I believe the school is effectively run by competent teachers and staff and in turn the students are in a good learning environment. I would like to see more involvement of the parents but overall not many complaints.
Made some amazing friends although it was an interesting adjustment from private school. The curriculum was a little harder than I anticipated, but I made it through! Without coming to Seabreeze I would have most likely never had the opportunity to dual enroll.
great Principal who is very involved and truly cares about the success of this school and student well being
It was a good school. I had teachers who moved up on with my for all four years and they were one of my biggest support group. It was absolutely essential to be involved in clubs because it makes the high school experience even greater!
I wish Seabreeze High School would devote more money to their arts programs and promote their arts programs better. Overall, Seabreeze is a good school but the AICE program has been taking over leaving little to no other options for college credit classes.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Seabreeze High School. Students and staff here are very friendly and helpful, and not only are the teachers very passionate about what they teach, they are always there to help their students. The music and arts programs here are great, and the Seabreeze Marching Band is representative of their successes, having been invited to London last summer. The AICE and AVID programs are also available for students who wish to have a predetermined path to graduation while earning college credits. For sports and extracurricular activities, Seabreeze actively take part in local and state competitions, and we usually advance far in them. There is still room for improvements, though. I hope that there could be more career technical education programs and academies, as other schools in the county have the edge over Seabreeze in that respect. But other than that, I am proud of being part of such an intelligent and amazing community at Seabreeze High School.
Seabreeze is an average school since your learning depends on the teacher you receive. All the Advanced Placement and AICE courses are excellent and the teachers are truly passionate about their job. They have never failed to impress me and always do their best to answer questions for each student to ensure clear comprehension has been met. The only downsize I've noticed with this school is their lack of club participation because this year, many clubs are dying out or being taken over by similar clubs. I find this upsetting because there will be less of a variety for incoming students.
Seabreeze is an overall great environment. I have been taking AP and honors classes throughout my high school career and through my experience the teachers want you to not on succeed but learn a thing or two as well. I would advise taking advantage of the times that the teachers set aside during lunch, crab break, and before and after school to help students who are confused with the material that they are learning. My academic advisor (Mrs. Tully) is amazing. She is always incredibly helpful and cheerful everytime I see her! They have also upgraded the schools security by putting in a new gate system that surrounds the school. Although many kids complain about the practically of these, I believe that it is only a precaution for our safety. This school houses a very home-like environment as the school is fairly small and everyone from the seniors to the freshman respect each other. The administration is also very respectable as well as the coaches for the sports teams.
I did not enjoy going to this school. Teachers seemed overwhelmed and counselors did help students reach their full potential.
The teachers are hardly ever there, they care more about dress code then overall education, and when I was being followed around by a boy they told me that "He probably just likes you."
I began attending Seabreeze High School towards the end of my junior year in February. Transferring to my first public school ever, was a breath of fresh air. I had previously been bullied, missed school, and gone through the worst mental state of my life. To escape the chaos, I went to Seabreeze. I made the Varsity Cheer Team, I had amazing teachers who would go the extra mile to help any student, and I met some of my best friends. To me, Seabreeze saved me. My grades and my mental health improved and I hope everyone has as great of an experience as I did.
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Didn't mind it I guess... besides the fights, smoking issues, and overall toxicity its decent... band's good, football's slowly building a better reputation, soccer is good from I hear, same with swimming and track, cheerleaders are a joke but it's fine.
Seabreeze High School brought me a well-balanced high school experience, while successfully involving me in athletics and our local community. I had the opportunity to meet very amazing teachers who really care about their students and wanted to see them succeed. While involved in the musical theatre program, I met wonderful friends that shared my love for the arts, however the overall program could have been greatly improved. In addition, the diversity at the school really stands out. Whenever I walk down the halls, I see a large variety of students. We have many student of different ethnic backgrounds, as well as a strong special needs program. Overall, Seabreeze High School developed me into the person I am today, and I have really enjoyed my time there.
Seabreeze High School is a great school to go to. A lot of school events that helps you meet new people and get comfortable with the people at the school. The teachers want to see you succeed and most of them provide you with sufficient study materials or a way to contact them for further help.
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