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One thing that is very nice about Scott County High School is that it offers many different classes, which is amazing because it allows you to explore more of what you enjoy or offers you something new to discover. It also has many wonderful teachers who will help you as much as they can, and they are very trustworthy when it comes to helping you in class or with any issue you face. Some thing that could change, though, is how the administration works and communicates with the student body, but it really is not that big of an issue.
I liked Scott County High School because of the important experience it gave me to better prepare me for college life.
Very good and well qualified faculty, wonderful counseling resources and school spirit was always a big part of the everyday experience.
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Transferring to Scott County was very hard, leaving a small school setting to coming into one of the biggest public schools in the state. At first it was hard and scary, so many people and so many clicks. After a few fights, I knew what a big school was like. I never felt threatened or unsafe, just always on my toes. The teachers were awesome and most of them really cared for the students they had and made sure everyone was successful. The principals were student oriented and helped when help was needed. The school was very into clubs and getting everyone involved with the school. Sports are life at SCHS. Completing a pathway is looked very high upon, and gets rewarded well. Overall the experience was a good high school experience!
the range of technical programs were a big plus in my book, but thats honestly about it, the school was overstocked with students and completely understaffed in every other area. literally the only programs with funding were athletic leaving everyone else going for scraps, including the teachers. traffic was a mess so any person coming to school with the sniffles was an epidemic waiting to happen and thats if everyone came to school that day in the first place which was extremely rare as almost everyone was miserable due to the overly strict "guidance" of the hall officers and the feeling that if you didnt throw a ball around you were to be left behind and forgotten.
This school has had over 70 fights this year. I do not enjoy feeling unsafe in an environment I need to focus on education at.
Even though the school is the only high school in Georgetown, Kentucky as of 2018, I was able to receive an adequate education. I was introduced to new people and ways of thinking- both things I hope to continue in the future.
I like Scott county high school, but this year has been a struggle with the new principal. It seems that this year, getting to know the students is not a priority, and it should be. there have been multiple fights, and as a student, it should not be scary to walk down the hallways of a school, but this year it has been a little challenging to feel comfortable walking down the hallways.
Scott County High School has sincerely been a whirlwind of an experience. Some teachers have created a lasting positive impact on me, such as my biology teacher. He showed me the beauty in nature and in researching the amazing, unique world we live in. While other teachers, specifically my U.S. History teacher made me feel like my grade itself would go down in history as being, well - awful. However, maybe I was just never good at learning about my own bounds. Maybe I always wanted to learn further. Maybe that's why the hallway crowds felt so small and claustrophobic. But the library was a safe haven full of other-worldly sentences and out of this dimension experiences. Like it or not, this school has forced me to grow and mature and is part of the reason why I am who I am today.
My experience at Scott county high school has been horrible. Having to walk down hallways and hear that any student shouldn't have to hear is unacceptable
I loved the teachers and how the school is laid out but I think some things could change like the crowds and how administration handles things and they should offer more diverse classes.
I was able to really focus in this environment and get good information out of great teachers. But there is always drama that gets the whole school involved like increased school shooting threats and fights in the cafeteria almost everyday and students bringing drugs into school.
The teachers are trying harder than any county I've been to. They make sure every student understands the severity of school rules and the content in classes. I don't agree with the combining of the ninth grade school and the high school (they had it separated last year) and this has caused many more fights than last year and caused extremely crowded hallways, making it difficult to get to class on time. They have dealt with that accordingly, allowing students to have an extra minute to be in class, but making tardies stricter. Also administrators stand in hallways and check bathrooms to avoid fights as best they can. I agree with their efforts of making the school a safe place. Last week they allowed K-9 dogs to patrol hallways while everyone was in class to do a drug search of the lockers. Scott County High School is trying their best to deal with circumstances that aren't their fault. While they aren't completely dealt with, the school is a safer place than when it started.
As of right now, it's the only high school open in Scott County. This means it's very overcrowded and beginning to get run down.
Scott County High School, SCHS, is a very interesting school. There are many opportunities that you can pursue through the school that can further your education. There is a school accompanied to SCHS, called Elkhorn Crossing School which allows you to explore vocations like Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Media, and much more. However at Scott County High School it can sometime be hard to feel like you are furthering your education because of the constant fights and crowded classrooms. This year SCHS got a new principal, and at first the students were criticizing her for treating us like students who don't know how to act, but the further that we get into the year, i see that that is exactly what Scott County High School represents. The above complaints can somewhat be because of the overcrowded feeling at SCHS. Although there are very good qualities about SCHS, it is hard to see the good behavior, programs, and scholars through all the bad.
What I like most about SCHS is how hard teachers and staff work to make sure students are getting their best education.
Overcrowded, but has great school spirit and sports. The town really rallies around the school and supports the activities. Teachers are cool and there's a lot of activites you can get involved in.
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I felt very respected by the staff and faculty, and I was surrounded by resources that encouraged me and allowed me to succeed in proportion to the effort I was willing to expend. My only concern towards my time at Scott County, was that I felt it did not address bullying in a constructive way; while I fortunately did not have to face much of it myself, I saw many people experiencing it, and saw that faculty, while well intentioned, did not add to the situation constructively.
Scott County is known for their sports. Teachers try their best to understanding their students, but doesn't offer a personap experience.
Scott County High School does a very good job of preparing students for college, or at least giving them the option of obtaining AP scores so that they can gloss over some general education courses in college. All of my teachers were very kind, especially my Japanese teachers, and helped to mold my high school experience into something that I look back on with a smile. The only problems I had with this school did not lie in the faculty, but with the general student population. There were too many fights and definitely a lack of common sense/depth of character of about 70% of the students. Otherwise, I had a fairly decent high school experience!
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