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Scituate has done a good job with the remote learning. I am excited about the new athletic facilities. The teachers have been supportive.
Scituat high school is an ok school. The science department needs a major overhaul. Math and English are generally pretty good. History is tough. School building is dated but brand new athletic facilities.
Overall pretty good but some specific teachers are not the most helpful towards their students. SHS is not the best at addressing important issues in the school.
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before i went to scituate high, i attended a harsh private school. the environment and the fake people made me loathe myself. if I hadn't come to scituate, i probably would've taken my own life due to the severity. the first day of scituate, i was greeted by many people and felt welcome for the first time. there are great sport, club, and academic opportunities which i could finally take advantage of. i have never seen faculty and staff show such kindness and genuine care for the students. i have had a great experience here and feel like i will do well in the real world because of this school. thank you.
great course offerings. the size is good not too big not too small. Most teachers like to teach and are very good at it. but there are some that clearly overstayed in the acedemic field and should consider retiring or a new field. i would imagine that would be the case for most schools.
Scituate High School was a great experience for me. It has dedicated faculty members and administrators who passionately strive to maximize each student's potential. As a public school, they consistently place graduates into some of the very best universities across the country. My only problem with the school is the lack of diversity within the student body. Fortunately, I was able to broaden my horizons through athletics and extracurricular activities, but I would have appreciated a more diverse culture in the day to day setting within the school.
Scituate High gives students a lot freedom and leisure while making sure they get a good education and are ready for their future. The teachers are always going out of their way to help the students and the relationships the students make with the teachers are unlike anywhere else. the teachers are very friendly and know how to create bonds with students in between being a teacher and a friend. the campus is pretty average for a high school, yet the fields and surrounding outdoor activities make the campus fairly large
Teachers are awesome. A wide variety of extracurricular clubs, sports, and activities are offered. The Music, band, chorus program is phenomenal. Communication is not the strong suit- so families should do their research so they don’t miss out!
I would like to see more senior privileges at Scituate High School. Some of the departments are lacking in good teachers. They do a good job of supporting kids with counselors, adjustment couselors, and aids.
overall pretty happy with my 4 years here, played a lot of sports ranging from begining level to sports i have played for years. pretty much everyone fits in, town itself is lacking diversity which can be tough but no one will hold it against you. classes are good, some easier or harder than others. math and english depts are fairly easy while history is pretty much impossible. but almost all the teachers will help you with anything and you can actually make real bonds with the teachers in and out of class. lots of clubs and activities for all different interests and its pretty easy to make a new club if you wanted to. great school spirit and small town pride. everyone goes to umass amherst
The academics are strong. The students are serious about education but still know how to have fun. No one thinks smart kids are outsiders. Everyone belongs. Clubs offered are diverse and are run by the students. The teachers enjoy teaching and care about their students. Classes are challenging, no free passes for athletes, everyone works for their grades. Physically the school is outdated, but improvements are happening now.
The teachers, coaches, support staff, are all very supportive at Scituate High. It is a safe school and very diverse. The support they gave me helped me to succeed in school. My anxieties, and learning challenges made it a struggle at first. I learned my strengths, and how to manage my weaknesses with help from my peers, and my IEP support team. I was always encouraged to never give up and that all things are possible. When I was accepted to my 1st choice of College it was so exciting and everything I struggled with in High School was all worth it in the end. Great overall experience
The teachers are very professional and well educated. There is a large range of electives to choose from, with more freedom in your classes as you get older. There are many clubs and activities to participate in, and many of the varsity sports teams do really well. Most of the students are accepting and welcoming, and the difficulty of the classes will prepare any student for college.
I love the spirit from my school and the sense of community. We really have our own language it seems and it makes students feel more connected and happy to be together.
The teachers for the most part are very well educated and trained as well as committed to their students. The location is good, and the school is in good shape with fantastic new art classrooms and music classrooms as well as a performing arts center.
So far, going on o Scituate High has been pretty great! The academics are challenging, but not unmanageable. The teachers are great, and they really do want to see their students succeed. I would definitely like to see more diversity within the student body - this school is very accepting and a safe place for everyone. Go sailors!
I have had three of my children attend Scituate High School and go onto college. I was very impressed with how involved the guidance counselors were with each of my children. I felt very comfortable knowing that my children were in good hands and were truly guided in the best possible way to help them reach their goals.
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Scituate High School has an excellent curriculum to prepare you for college. There are a lot of different academic course options as you progress through your four years, allowing you to explore different academic areas of interest before applying for college. The building is older but the teachers, students and school community make up for it.
Scituate High School is one of the nicest public schools in the area, the students, staff, and facilities are great.
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