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I like the opportunity to take more difficult courses which prepare you for college. It offers a Capstone Diploma. The campus seems safe for the most part. We have a great facility and it's a fairly large campus for a high school.
Science Hill High School is a good high school. It's fairly diverse considering where it's located. It has a good reputation regarding academics.
Science hill is a really good school and a majority of the teachers are good. The newer part of the school is quite nice and the older part is well kept. Of course some teachers aren’t the best but a majority of them really care about the students and want to help them out.
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I have had an amazing time at Science Hill. While my experience had its challenges, all high schools will. It was easy to have an enjoyable experience because of my involvement and ability to find my place.
I feel that teachers should be more involved in student mental health. Many students will struggle and all the counselors are there for or are useful at is college applications.
The school is very nice and up to date and the teachers are very qualified. The guidance councilors could use a little more training.
My classes have gone well. The teachers have been great, for the most part. I highly recommend taking Biology Honors with Mrs.Brouillette and Orchestra with Mrs. Lambert.
I wish Science Hill was a little cleaner. The water filters are often not functioning properly and the bathrooms are disgusting. Education wise, I have really enjoyed my experience. Taking honors and AP is definitely the route I would recommend taking.
Science Hill isn’t terrible by any means. It’s your typical large public high school with students from all walks of life. The demographics and economy of the surrounding area are pretty disappointing though.
Good teachers, okay administration. I felt safe most of the time and felt cared about by certain teachers. Some teachers I'm not sure about and some administrators I am not a fan of. I made good grades though and love the athletics program. I feel ready for college and that I was offered good courses.
I moved to Science Hill during my senior year. I was nervous at first but then felt relieved after how welcoming the other students were. I made a lot of new friends and enjoyed all the teachers I had.
Science Hill is a very good school for education and athletics. It also has tons of clubs and extracurricular activities. The main problems that arise with the school is the student body. There are tons of fights and it is not very safe. The food is also sub par, but i expected that. The facilities are mostly new and well kept. all around Science Hill is a Pretty Average School.
There are lots and lots of clubs; there is something for everyone. Many of the clubs have decent funding. Each class lasts an hour and forty-five minutes. Although many of the restrooms don’t lock, they always have soap. Most of the teachers care about how the students are doing mentally, academically, and emotionally.
The thing I like most about Science Hill High School is the opportunities from classes such as the ones you can take in the CTE building (Career Technology Education). Something about the school that I would like to change is the attitudes/ behavior of many of the lowerclass students, seeing as many up and coming students are quite young in the mind.
I have gone here for almost four years and have many positive things to say about the school and faculty. There is a lot of support for the students who need it and a wide variety of after school clubs to join. The teachers there know the students and are there to help when the students need it. There are many options to help save money for students who can not afford things like food and clothes. The school offers many classes such as welding, nursing, cosmetology, architectural engineering and design, and much more. The school also has an Army JROTC program, which is helpful for anyone trying to get leadership or military experience in highschool.
Many course options. School is large and strict and full of so many requirements for teachers and students that very few people enjoy their days. Learning is therefore not enjoyed, but dreaded.
I have had a great experience at Science Hill. However, like every place of education you have good and bad things about the school. SH strongest topic is there academics and then their safety/administration.
The weakest topics are parent involvement and food. I don’t eat the cafeteria food, my rate was based off of my friends opinion.
Lastly, teachers, there are some great ones at SH but there are also some that needed to be fired yrs ago. Not because they make you work hard in the class/are strict on the students but because they have given up on teaching. ( specifically a male algebra teacher that gave me my 1st and last ever C in a class, yes I also had to work very hard for that C, I’m an A & B student with honors and CP classes. No one in my class made a B or A)
Take what you need from this review of SH, I love this school even though it has its highs and lows.
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Opportunities were vast, however preparedness for high school was poor. Very diverse culturally and equal opportunities for all.
Science Hill has given me the opportunity to learn in an environment that supports all students. The teachers (especially the science teachers) explain the material very well and inform students on any issues they have. I have been fortunate enough to participate in the volleyball program for 4 years now, and the coaches have been very supportive in helping me achieve playing at the next level.
The school itself is the best in our area, and I would say probably one of the best all around in Tennessee. They are some really good teachers and plenty of classes. We also are really welcoming to all types of clubs and groups. Not to mention our fine arts and sports programs all do really well.
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