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I really liked that my school had many programs that allowed the students to experience their interest, assistance in college readiness, and volunteer work.
I wished that the extracurricular activities were set up at different times, so students would not have to go home late.
Schurz is a very good school makes you feel more free of yourself the teachers are always cool and nice to you so are the security guards as for the students it’s somewhat the same depending on their moods
Its an overall good school but the students is what is wrong with it. Many students like getting into problems and give the school a bad reputation. The teachers are great, they give their time and effort to know what is wrong so they can push you towards the right path. They do one on one talks and support you in any way they can.
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Schurz is progressively getting better. Parents used to turn their children away from it, but now, people are sending their children here for their education. I love my teachers, and they keep me focused and prepare me for college. I would love to see the school be remodeled. The bathrooms, classrooms, etc should be upgraded. But other than that, Schurz is slowly getting there and I wish people would stop judging it for what it used to be.
I have had a good experience in this school for my 4 years of high school. I would say it is very diverse and there is a friend for everyone. Everyone can express their opinions, there are a lot of clubs. The teachers are also very helpful and easy to talk to and trust.
The sports and teachers Academics. Avid is perfect it helps you with a lot of things even make-up work. Gives you time to catch up on anything. World studies if perfect i love it learn about different cutlers its very interesting.
At my 3 years at Carl Schurz HS I encountered multiple fights and chaos across all grades of my time at school and outside. The teachers keep a cool mindset to keep students cool downed and calm and the amount of security outside of the school is over-whelming.
My experience in Carl Schurz High school is amazing the sports and the academics are really good the teachers are fun and helpful with helping out the students in class and in other problems.The sports are really fun because it connects you with other people and the school in many ways and it makes you stand out around the school and it helps you get scholarships for colleges you want to go to and you can also interact with the district.I feel safe in this school because you have people that are there for you like the teachers,security,the principle,and the people that work in the school.The resources that they give us n the school is helpful because you get the things that you cant afford for don't have and that's something good about the school it helps you with a lot of things that are going on and they also help you with missing assignments that are pulling down your grade and that is nice of them to help out with things that will make us successful.
What is like about Schurz High School is how I had the support of the teachers and how they are willing to help us our. I just wish that some people could that advantage of it when they need it.
Being a student at Schurz, I liked some of the teachers that I've had. I also like the athletic part of this school. I felt like I had a second family being in sports.
nice people and teachers are cool and there a lot of stuff to do here they dont give us a a lot of homework the work is easy here .
Schurz High School has many dedicated teacher that are very helpful. They are very kind and understanding. Something I would change, is adding more diversity to the school.
I'm a freshman at schurz and it's an average school. Schurz has a very diverse group of students they have those annoying popular kids and also those epic quiet kids. The teachers are mostly nice and easy to speak to, some you can even become friends with. The lunch and security staff are very nice, funny and helpful. Schurz also have a varity of different clubs and sports. The area around the school is very nice and the field in front of the school is nice and open. The building is a nice old looking design who might attract the people who like old buildings.
I like that the teachers and students are very energetic and positive. I also like that there is enough resources for every student and the teachers are patients with their students while still being assertive to what the kids need.
The teachers are very helpful, especially when someone is going through something personal. Amazing coaches and teachers
I liked how nice and respectful the teachers and students were with each other. I liked how students helped each other out when they were stuck in a lesson.
What I appreciated most about Schurz was the environment and atmosphere created by the amazing teachers and the most diligent students. Inspiring individuals from all walks of life motivated me to continue learning with a smile on my face, rain or shine. The digital media classes that I took part in improved the creativity deep within me. Now, I’m confident that I’ll be accepted into an excellent music or art school. I’m very grateful for a better high school experience than I expected. The rowdy hallway fights are something that should be prevented at Schurz and all other schools. I’m in hopes that the new system will attentively handle all issues.
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Schurz High school it a very good neighborhood school with great teachers and a very good IB program
As a graduate from Carl Schurz High School i would say it was one of the best experience ever and that i really enjoyed the sports my classes having the teachers help you even more when you needed the help in anything
Being a student in Schurz for a few years now I've seen so many opportunities come my way and all the amazing things students have done and plan to do. Although Schurz seems like a bad school, it really isn't. There's more good than bad.
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