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The school of health processions is exactly what you need if you want a feel of what it is like in the medical field. Not only are there many activities but you also get involved in hands on training during the intern period and you graduate with a certification.
Townview School of Health Professions is a great school. It includes great academic resources, for example, teachers, lesson plans and book work. The faculty and staff are very helpful when it comes to your education and college readiness.
It offers you a chance to get certified in your choice of cluster career like Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory, Dental, etc. They also let you intern to help you gain experience in your career pathway. However, in exchange for a boost above other students, you sacrifice a fun high school experience.
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This school well prepares the student for a health-related occupation. However, the staff is underprepared and biased among students. The assets of the school makeup for the professionalism of the teachers. Here, the students are able to take courses and gain certifications in occupations (Dental Assistant, Plebotomy, Personal Training, and Pharmachy Technician)
This school has helped me prepare for college and my career all in one. The staff cares about the students' futures. I thank this school for getting me to where I am and molding me into the person that I am today.
I Loved the atmosphere, the school prepares you for the college of your choice. The staff is simply wonderful and I loved all off my teachers.
Excellent program if you enjoy health professions. There is a wide variety of classes for students to choose from, and they focus on health related careers. Students learn all type of skills that will prepare them for a career in the health field if they choose to so.
It is a very helpful school with a variety of career opportunities. We get a jump start in what we want to do in life with real life situations. If I could change anything I would change the fact we don't graduate with guaranteed benefits. We do have the opportunity to graduate with certifications.
I like the fact that it provides many different field choice opportunities for career pathways. Its like a jump start for college preparation . We also have the chance to graduate with certifications .
The teachers are very nice and want you to succeed. The Academics provides were very good and challenging. The overall feeling of the school is formal makes you feel important in a sense. The great opportunities that this school has given me have been surreal. I feel like I earned it aside from being a world class high school it was hard and at times I was overwhelmed but nonetheless it wasn’t something that I could not overcome. Which I did and that and all the challenges this school faced me with made me stronger.
Overall it is a pretty good school. The opportunities that they give to students is immeasurable with some of the best faculty around. The school does not follow entirely to the district policy, which gives it the flexibility to provide the necessary aid to its students. Of course, no school is perfect, and it does have its up and downs on its own policy and faculty. But that should not disregard the benefits that it provides.
I have gotten so may opportunities here than I would have at my home school. My freshman year was full of learning how to treat others in the health care field. Sophomore year I got a glimpse of the diagnostic and clinical side of health. I developed a love for the clinic rather than the lab. As a junior, I am learning diseases and disorders in pathology as well as how to become a Clinical Medical Assist in my cluster class where I am currently practicing my skills for internship. I was also able to take the TSI and begin dual credit classes. I completed four over the summer. I am also in fast track, which will help me catch up with my peers who took Algebra 1 in middle school.
I enjoyed the courses and most of the students, however, some of the staff were very abrasive people. Overall, most of the teachers are very friendly and willing to help, but the counselor for the upperclassmen in particular gives everyone a horrible experience. The programs and education offered are worth the struggle though if you want to get your feet wet in the healthcare field.
I am currently a Junior at the School of Health Professions. The school overall is a great way to understand what you do want to be and what you dont. For me, my freshman year, I instantly knew healthcare wasn’t for me. This made me become very uncurious about learning, which in hand, made my grades reflect that. As a Junior now, I absolutely ADORE my “cluster class”, which is Dental Assistanting 1. I love learning about the mouth and all of the cool instruments! With that being said, I might consider being a dentist one day! I’m so glad I didn’t change schools my freshman year because I would’ve never found my passion for dentistry!
This school has prepared me in every aspect of life after highschool you could think of. The teachers are really nice and actually care for your well being.
Good academics. Challenging, and prepares you for college. Counselors can be better and should be more helpful towards helping students find scholarships.
The first day of high school at the School of Health Professions was an eye opener to me. Of course I was nervous already because I knew I would be working alongside with many smart applicants who were chosen to attend this prestigious school. I was told I would be working hard and pushed to my limits throughout my four years here. This was meant to put me in a state of mind of readiness and to be prepared for what was about to come, and it did. I can proudly say that the school has encouraged me to become a hard worker. Students who have graduated from here have come back and told us that this school really prepared them for college. Overall, it's a great school and I would only change minor aspects about it such as adding sports, which we don't have any of, and have a better meal plan.
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I received my Dental Assisting license from this high school, learning a skill that allowed me to ease the cost of college. This school has great instructors and a variety of medical professions that students can choose from! I'd recommend this school to anyone looking to get into the medical field.
Great opportunity for students who are interested in the field of medicine. This is their chance to explore the different careers science has to offer for them in the future as their soon to be careers.
I liked the opportunities offered to intern/volunteer while in school but did not like the poor administration and lack of college readiness. Classes were too easy and did not teach proper studying skills. No sports at all and lack of awareness for clubs/activities. There was hardly any parent involvement, safety was good.
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