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I have gotten so may opportunities here than I would have at my home school. My freshman year was full of learning how to treat others in the health care field. Sophomore year I got a glimpse of the diagnostic and clinical side of health. I developed a love for the clinic rather than the lab. As a junior, I am learning diseases and disorders in pathology as well as how to become a Clinical Medical Assist in my cluster class where I am currently practicing my skills for internship. I was also able to take the TSI and begin dual credit classes. I completed four over the summer. I am also in fast track, which will help me catch up with my peers who took Algebra 1 in middle school.
I enjoyed the courses and most of the students, however, some of the staff were very abrasive people. Overall, most of the teachers are very friendly and willing to help, but the counselor for the upperclassmen in particular gives everyone a horrible experience. The programs and education offered are worth the struggle though if you want to get your feet wet in the healthcare field.
I am currently a Junior at the School of Health Professions. The school overall is a great way to understand what you do want to be and what you dont. For me, my freshman year, I instantly knew healthcare wasn’t for me. This made me become very uncurious about learning, which in hand, made my grades reflect that. As a Junior now, I absolutely ADORE my “cluster class”, which is Dental Assistanting 1. I love learning about the mouth and all of the cool instruments! With that being said, I might consider being a dentist one day! I’m so glad I didn’t change schools my freshman year because I would’ve never found my passion for dentistry!
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This school has prepared me in every aspect of life after highschool you could think of. The teachers are really nice and actually care for your well being.
Good academics. Challenging, and prepares you for college. Counselors can be better and should be more helpful towards helping students find scholarships.
The first day of high school at the School of Health Professions was an eye opener to me. Of course I was nervous already because I knew I would be working alongside with many smart applicants who were chosen to attend this prestigious school. I was told I would be working hard and pushed to my limits throughout my four years here. This was meant to put me in a state of mind of readiness and to be prepared for what was about to come, and it did. I can proudly say that the school has encouraged me to become a hard worker. Students who have graduated from here have come back and told us that this school really prepared them for college. Overall, it's a great school and I would only change minor aspects about it such as adding sports, which we don't have any of, and have a better meal plan.
I received my Dental Assisting license from this high school, learning a skill that allowed me to ease the cost of college. This school has great instructors and a variety of medical professions that students can choose from! I'd recommend this school to anyone looking to get into the medical field.
Great opportunity for students who are interested in the field of medicine. This is their chance to explore the different careers science has to offer for them in the future as their soon to be careers.
I liked the opportunities offered to intern/volunteer while in school but did not like the poor administration and lack of college readiness. Classes were too easy and did not teach proper studying skills. No sports at all and lack of awareness for clubs/activities. There was hardly any parent involvement, safety was good.
The School of health professions prepares students that are pursuing careers in the medical and healthcare field, and gives them a diverse amount of options from different medical fields to choose from
From the teachers to the office ladies, there is such a respectful environment. They help struggling students and commend those who go above and beyond! Great School!
My school was okay overall, they only paid attention to students doing well, and very rarely helped me when it came to trying to go to college. It was a nice building, but could use a lot more help in the preparing students for higher education area.
The School of Health Professions is a good school if you want to be in the medical field. It gives a great exposure to the medical field by incorporating classes such as Anatomy and Physiology , Health Science Clinical, Principles of Health Science, Medical Terminology , Pathophysiology ,exc. Students take many classes that will prepare them and keep them ahead in college and medical school. Although the school is wonderful , there is little diversity. For a school that is mostly minority, the majority are latino ,mexican , or hispanic. There is a small percentage of Asian and Caucasion students.
I enjoyed all four years of my high school years there the teacher are informational and hands on experience in all clinical classes.
The School of Health Professions is an excellent school for students to receive a quality education. It provides instruction in a variety of health care areas including: Clinical Medical Assisting, Dental Tech, Med Lab, Patient Care Technician, Pharmacy Tech, Therapy Careers and Sports Medicine. Additionally, students participate in dual credit courses and also become eligible to sit for state certification exams.
It has been an amazing experience and I love the opportunities that were given to me. The cluster classes have been a great way for student who want to be in the health career field in the future to further their studies and get a sense of what it could be like. This school teaches you additional skills about clinical and diagnostic procedures.
The School of Health Professions, at first, was a bright school that motivated me to do my best. It does offer very great programs plus I did enjoy my time with fellow peers. However our environment of learning isn't as great as the school brags on about, some teachers try merging their opinions into students, some don't even work too hard to teach, and because of the school's quota of work assigned to students is overwhelming. The school is worth the trouble but it should definitely review these issues.
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My experience being a student at the School of Health Professions was overall pretty good. To start, the environment and vibes there were amazing and it's to be expected from a top-ranked school. My fellow peers were from different parts of regions in the United States other than just Texas. It was great to have such a variety of people with different backgrounds to unite and graduate with at the very end of it all. It's also safe to say that the amount of resources the school had due to having all five schools joined together was great. It facilitated many things throughout the school. The only bad thing, I would say, is that there weren't any sports which was a huge bummer for me coming from a family of sport-fanatics.
great faculty and staff, incorporates a great environment for students and visitors. Along with allowing students to input ideas for the upcoming year.
It's a good school and it's very helpful in preparing students for college. It has great resources and it's also helpful in teaching a lot about the health studies.
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