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My experience at School of Extended Educational Options was excellent. School of Extended Educational Options was flexible, adaptable, and resourceful. In addition, there was also great effective school leadership. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at School of Extended Educational Options. Due to being in control of my academic pace, I was able to learn independence and patience. To add on, during my time at School of Extended Educational Options I was able to adopt positive habits such as; time management, self awareness, decision making, and effective communication.
The teachers here are very helpful and they honestly want to see the students succeed. If there was something to change I would say having the teachers in the library be a little more organized.
I've been to many different schools and I have to say I believe this is the best I've been to. The teachers are very well connected with the students in academic wise. They keep this school clean and well cared for. I have had many difficulties in the past and I feel like this school has brought up my courage and independence.
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The area that the school is located in is pretty bad, but it is surrounded by a pretty secure fence. It is an interesting school in that you can pretty much come and go as you please, since that is the nature of independent studies. This means, however, that students need to be responsible and safe with their freedom.
Most of the people that go to this school are there because traditional pubic education just didn't work for them. Typically, students had issues with teachers and grades in standard classrooms. At SEEO, it is more of a self-motivated attitude that one needs to take in order to get all they can out of the teachers. Most are well-read in their subjects, but I did have some issues with the history teacher (she didn't know what year the Declaration of Independence was signed).
Again, his school is all about self-motivation. The resources are there if you need them, and nobody is going to tell you not to wear something (unless, of course, it is unarguably offensive).
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