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My school is the best thing that has happened to me. It is only for juniors and seniors. It’s an environmental science school that also offers an amazing arts and music program. In my time there I have learned so much about the world I live in, and it continues to teach me very rewarding advances for life after high school.
The teachers are amazing, they focus on trying to make sure that you can do the best you can. They help you like no other school teachers would help. The classes are amazing, you'll experience more things than at any other schools.
Going to the School of Environmental Studies is easily the best academic choice I’ve made. Though the work may be tough at times, the relevancy of the work I’m doing at this school makes me excited to succeed. I can tell the teachers sincerely want each and every student to do well here. This school is incredibly unique and I recommend that anyone in the area look into this school.
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SES if FAR better than my original high school. I feel like I'm learning things that I can and will actually use later in life. We do lot's of things differently, but I love it. The teachers understand that not everybody is good at standardized tests, so we don't take them. They understand that getting lectured to all day can just lead to bored students who don't pay attention, so we do lots of activities, often outside. Because it's such a small school, your teachers really get to know you, and they actually care about how well you're doing, and not just academically. They could, however, work on communicating with the students about changes that are being planned and giving them a voice in the decisions. I really wish it was a four year school because two didn't feel like enough. I'm going to miss it.
It's a really amazing idea for a school and I really love attending SES. We get lots of opportunities that students at other high schools never get. The school also really opens your eyes to the problems in our environment today.
Attending the School of Environmental Studies (SES) is the best decision I ever made. This school is incredibly well rounded and provides a non-traditional learning experience. There is amazing opportunities for leadership and for getting out of your comfort zone. I would recommend this school to any person who asked me, and even someone who doesn’t. This school changed my life, my world view, and my view of myself.
I love The School of Environmental studies. The teacher's do a fantastic job at connecting the natural world to the student's education and allow them many opportunities to expand their knowledge by using the world as their classroom. Their involvement in the community helps students learn how to create connects to people and prepares them for the future. The education is fairly independent, with support from teachers, that prepares students for college.
School of Environmental Studies made me excited to come to school each day because of the interdisciplinary and hands on learning style. The teachers genuinely care about their students and provide a positive, comfortable learning environment.
I love going to SES. The learning style is much easier for me than it was at my home high school and the workload is more manageable. It can be kind of chaotic sometimes, but I get through and my grades are great.
Overall the School of Environmental studies is very open and diverse, you really get to know who you are while attending this school and get to know about the world and how it really works.
The School of Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary school. They have a block schedule with every other day classes. The teachers here are very nice and helpful. They want to teach and educate their students and they have the intention of being very supportive to their students. I had a pretty good experience here because it’s a very small school, I was able to get the help that I need to be successful in class. Without the teachers from this school, I would not be as successful as I am today.
This school is such a life changin experience! Not only have I had the opportunity to travel the world, but I’ve also had the chance to learn more about the area around me.
It is a very accommodating school filled with kind and open-minded individuals. I found many new friends I never would have met elsewhere and I still talk to them after I have graduated. I also really enjoyed the new learning style they incorporate at the School of Environmental Studies. They believe in a much more hands on and experiential approach. Many of our lessons involved us going out into the community and personally studying and researching what we saw around us. They also include many reflection essays so that you can understand what you have learned and how far you have come, not just academically, but also as a person.
It's a really great school that's very accepting of everyone. Teachers are very nice and work very hard to see that every student succeeds.
I had opportunities here I never would have had at any other school. Entering highschool I was faced with the reality I would never go on another field trip again, until learning about the School of Environmental Studies (a.k.a. t he "Zoo School"). I received 1,500 dollars in scholarships so that I could go on a trip to Roatan Honduras through SES my senior year and get my scuba diving certification with a couple of my favorite teachers. I love SES, and always will. The student body is okay, but the school itself is amazing.
The school did an incredible job to prepare me for college, and I learned more here about the real world and made more connections than I would have at Eagan. It was a perfect match, I made many incredible friends, had awesome and knowledgeable teachers, and had fun learning.
The School of Environmental Studies is a rich community full of leaders and learning opportunities unique to their campus. The school provides a warm and open environment that encourages students to explore their own experiences and create new ones that help them learn in ways unavailable to a student at a larger high school.
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SES is an absolutely amazing school where the teachers are incredibly knowledgable and friendly. The student body is also incredibly diverse and accepting.
SES is easily one of the most unique and well-staffed educational bodies in the United States. It enrolls only high school juniors and seniors, which increases the amount of personal interaction between staff and students effectively, as well as maintains a more highly developed and mature atmosphere. A large portion of the students' time is dedicated to projects and writings completed through their "House" class, which covers the Science, English, and Social Studies credits. SES does not employ tests in their curriculum-- instead, the student is assigned research-based or creative projects that they are given early in the year, with deadlines that they are expected to keep track of and be responsible for on their own. The amount of freedom and responsibility is similar to an early college environment, and is exceptional at developing time management, planning, resource utilization and creative skills. Extracurricular activities can still be completed at a student’s home high school.
I have had the best expirence at the school of environmental studies! It’s a good community with super accepting students and extremely caring teachers. We learn to apply our knowledge by doing papers and hands on projects instead of being tested on how well you remember. The school gives you crazy new expirences you wouldn’t find in other schools that you can carry out with you and remember for the rest of your life.
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