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The School of Engineering and Sciences offers as many programs and opportunities it can for such a small school. With a heavy emphasis on engineering and sciences, a number of professionals come to visit and speak about their field of work. The school's mandatory engineering elective takes the students from grade 7 - 12 throughout the FIRST progression, meaning various technologies and tools being used throughout the classroom. If a student may be interested in engineering, their robotics program accessible for all grades is a must. Additionally, all students, except seniors, are required to participate in the annual science fair. Students may choose a project of their interest to explore their field of interest.
Don’t advise going to the school. No real athletics to try out for, teachers are okay but not the best. Definitely can do better than this school
My overall experience at the School of Engineering and Sciences (SES), I enjoyed it a lot. Not many people tend to like it because it is a smaller community and school. However, with this small community-like school, you have the chance to engage more with the teachers. SES is also different from other schools because they have "integrated units". These are semester projects that revolve around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). These units allow students to expand their creativity, communication skills, and exposes them to new technology.
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My experience at SES is definitely one I will never forget. Because it is considered a small school, by the time I walked the stage to get my diploma, I felt like I knew everything about everyone, and the school itself had become like a second home to me. The teachers all come from such different backgrounds and each manages their class in such different ways that I never got bored of learning. A diverse environment and projects that all connected to real issues and situations in the world has prepared me for finding my place in society and our rapidly changing world. In addition, SES goes as far as it could to prepare its students for college. It encouraged me to make good choices about my education and future career. I consider myself lucky to have gone to a school that cares so much for its students.
Absolutely adore this school. Every different experience than a regular high school due to School of Engineering and Sciences being a small school. Even as a small school, the experiences and opportunities make up for it.
The teachers were very helpful. We had amazing field trips and a great senior trip. What lacked was the way the Principal was and having a new one each year. Also, the curriculum that was taught. The minimal resources the school has and not being able to fully complete projects and overwhelming with difficult tasks that were given to the students.
What I like about the School of Engineering and Sciences is the small environment and the programs they provide. I am able to not develop better communication and leadership skills but also work harder academically to pursue my future career in Software Engineering.
S.E.S is a good school overall and the teachers are very interacting. I dislike the School math teacher but oh well.
This school is perfect overall it just needs more space and sports teams. The teachers can teach and actually explain to the students, for the most part. The food is good and nutritional. The students are like young men and women in their early 20's but there are a couple kids that act like babies. The only problem is they need more sports teams to bring attention to the school.
This school has an incredibly diverse ambiance. With such a small populated school, it was unexpected what various races, cultures, orientations, etc. are found here.
This school is very unique in that each student is heavily encouraged to follow the studies in engineering and science. Each year, every student must participate in the annual science fair; numerous honorable mentions and award placements are received. Those qualified are then advised to join the regional science fair.
Despite the obvious push in academic endeavors, I do feel this school lacks a few aspects that affect our high school experience. I, personally, would like to be more well educated in expectations of the real world. This would include assistance in helping us obtain community service hours, knowledge on obtaining various licenses, and financial literacy.
The classes offered at the school are great, the only limitation to the curriculum, which is amazing, is that there is none to very little flexibility in the schedule to change or switch classes
There are few extracurricular activities at this school but for the few that do exist, teachers put time in effort into making them fun and engaging for their students
Most teachers at the School of Engineering and Sciences are amazing, they provide outlets for their students and give excellent styles of teacher but there are a few teachers who fall bellow this line
The teachers truly believe in their mission as educators and do whatever they can to help their students.
Relatively light workload, and easy access to tutoring as far as I can tell. Only thing I would change, again, is the diversity of school subjects given. Only fine arts course available is a drama class in your senior year, and that's only because it's required by CSU's.
No school nurse on campus, otherwise I tend to feel pretty safe in this school. It's small enough to go unnoticed when it comes to large threats because John F. Kennedy is about 5 minutes away.
I wish that this school had more options for afterschool clubs and organizations. The only ones I am aware of are engineering related, which makes it difficult for students who do not enjoy this school, to find something else to be a part of.
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This school is only a good fit for those who are interested in any field of engineering. We have access to Macbook Pros and an engineering lab that is filled with many different machines (i.e. CNC Machines and 3D Printers). Yet, if I were interested in engineering, I am not entirely sure this is the place I would want to be. The school is very disorganized, and students here never know when any events occur, if there are any events in the first place. Overall, this is not one of the best highschool experiences I could have had over the last four years, and if given the opportunity I would have picked someplace else to attend.
Most teachers here are very approachable, but I feel as thought there will always be exceptions. Most of these teachers are young professionals who are intelligent and stay consistent throughout their years of teaching at SES.
Many of the activities have small groups that participate. But I find each important to the person that participates in it. Each activity helps the student prosper in the particular field of activity.
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