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They have a variety of opportunities for all culturally diverse students. They are supportive and very helpful for students.
I liked the involvement of the teachers towards their students and their efforts to get the students ready for college. I want to see changes in the faculty
it is an excellence educational complex. fantastic systems, rules and regulations. Also the teachers are friendly and awesome. yet i would like to see something change in this complex and that is the GYM or PE system. because when we have PE class, we have to change which is ok but the changing or GYM locker room are dirty (not organized). I want to see that change and look nicer for upcoming students.
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I love my academy (SET) because it prepares students for there college and career in the future and install a higher education level so when we walk out the building come graduation day we are prepared for our future.
Some teachers don't leave you alone until you get the work done, and some teachers just don't care at all. Some of them don't deserve to be teachers.
My experience in School of Education & Training was average. It has it's ups and downs at time but you can still get your education. Somethings i would change is how there security system is which is kind a terrible at times.
The current high school I attend may not the best school in New Jersey, but it has been beyond great to me regardless of its faults. Though teachers come and go, one thing this school has taught me that has stuck to me, is to never give up and strive for greatness regardless of your circumstances. My particular academy gave me a sense of character and community. They gave us to the opportunity to speak our mind and we also had the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. We job shadowed early childhood teachers at a local preschool and bonded with kids who helped us build character and a sense of empowerment. Not only was did I excel academically and play a partial role in community service, it taught me a lot about who I need to be and where I need to be and I couldn't more grateful.
What I liked about my high school was that I was able to gain knowledge and experience in education early on. I was able to learn about the different careers and certifications available to those pursuing this field. I was also able to get hands on experience in early childhood junior and senior year by going to a head start program and observing during my child development class. This was all great but the overall school needed more influencing and goals. Students need to be motivated. If I could speak about one change that was needed that would be the curriculum. Teachers and administrators need to enforce it rather than to let it slide and assume students in that school just don't care.
I love my teachers to death. They are extremely supportive and understanding. They will help you if you are struggling in the class. We have after-school programs called Compete For Life which is very cool. However, the food is gross and we can't drink water from the water fountains due to our fear of the possible lead in it. We also have little money and constant fights. Even with all the negatives, I've met my closest friends there.
Since this school is an urban inner city school , it was difficult for the motivation to be a great student to be visible. Throughout my years, I have met countless teachers, counselors, and friends who have made it outstandingly clear that it's not how you start but how you finish. I would like to see more resources brought to the school for more hands-on approaches to our curriculum and more significant progress in its athletics.
It's been a really good expirience. Administrators and teachers are very helpful. I would like to see a change in the hallways where kids would not be able to walk around when they suppose to be in class. More securities in the hallways would be really helpful.
Out of all the four academies, I prefer my school (School of Education and Training) the best because of a better family friendly vibe I get from that school and I encourage any student to consider this school a prospect
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