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I loved everything about this school, the student to staff ratio, the rigor of work, the fascinating teachers and pretty much everything else.
Academics play a huge role in this school because it is their main focus. They want students to learn and be ready for the future; their goal is to ensure to students go to college.
There is not much diversity at the school but that has more to do with the area. However, now that I am in college (One of the most diverse universities) I find that this school was not very diverse.
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I always felt safe at this school and this is very important because at other schools in this city I would probably not feel the same way. I never felt as though I was ever in danger. It was really hard to get into the school because we only had two available ways of entry.
The administration is adamant about ensuring that there are many school orgs to choose from. This school allowed a variety of school clubs and organizations and I was a part of may of them. My favorite would have had to have been chess club. It is where I learned to play chess and it was always fun.
I do not feel that this category is applicable to this school because we did not have sports or athletics while I was attending. If you wanted to be involved in a sport than you would try out for one of the other two high school teams. This was one downside to attending this school. However parents did want their children to succeed; atlas I know that mine did.
I feel that this school is a great school and it has a very caring staff. This is one of the more smaller schools in the city so therefore it is easier for students to engage. The fact that the school is so small makes it easier for people to know one another and its really difficult for anyone to be left behind. The guidance counselors are one of the most helpful humans ever! They really want you to succeed and ensure that you are aware of everything you need to know when it comes down to applying for colleges, scholarships, and they even set up field trip for college fairs.
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