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i spent six years at school of dreams academy and did art for 5 out of 6 years because i wasn't interested in any other electives . i also wish they would've had sports or track. i at one point had to take robotics one year because there was a limited selection of electives. i wish that school of dreams academy had more organization when it comes to the scheduling for the students . As well as all that school of dreams academy offers small classes and the the teachers work hard and are very dedicated to helping the student sicced in there goals in life. overall there a good school i just wish they had maybe more elective options if you weren't into steam and more organization.
School of dreams academy is a very loving environment to be in. The teachers care and are very passionate towards their jobs. Because the student body is so small everyone is friends and cares for one another. It's like having a second family. The one downside are the group of students who strongly dislike the school and make the students around them feel unsafe and give the school a bad rep.
School of Dreams Academy is one of the few, if not the ONLY, multifaceted charter schools in New Mexico. With a S.T.E.A.M. educational model that just keeps getting better and better, SODA offers outstanding programs in the Arts, Robotics, Agriculture, Literature, and Science. Upcoming construction include plans for a high tech computer learning center, as well as a manufacturing and vocational training center. The school serves students Pre-k through 12th grade and is the only Early College High School in Valencia County where students have the opportunity to graduate high school with an associate's degree. Stop by any time and you will be taken on a "student led" tour and have an opportunity to speak with staff and administration.
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School of Dreams academy is not a bad school. The class sizes are small and most of the kids that go there graduate and get into a good college. However, the administration is very unorganized and don't seem to know what they are doing. They place too much on the teachers and don't pay the teachers nearly enough, for tgat reason they can't seem to keep teachers. However, the school is great if you would like to take free college classes while still in high school. The school offers dual credit classes and many students graduate with an associate's degree.
School of dreams academy has a lot potential to be a great school, they have teachers that care and they offer dual credit to all of their high school students. Unfortunately the organization and administrative staff are terrible, making the overall experience at that school to be loathsome.
I like that School of Dreams Acadmey pays for dual credit allowing students the opportunity to graduate high school with an associates degree from college. However, I would like for SODA to offer more sports other than dance.
Like every school, School of Dreams Academy has it's pros and cons. Some pros would be that the school is on the smaller side so there can be more individual attention. Another would be that the staff tries really hard to do what they can to help you graduate/ reach your goal. Unfortunately even though the thought is there things are a bit chaotic and unorganized. So I'd say they have good ideas but maybe not the best execution.
The school is definitely not a bad one, but it is also not the best. The main problem I had was the lack of organization. Another problem was that some of the teachers didn't understand what they were teaching, making it hard for us to understand. However, I felt close to my classmates and teachers. Being there was like being with a second family. I was never bullied there and we all loved one another. It's hard to find something like that at a larger school.
There used to be a police officer on campus but he left. There is an unarmed security person that wlks around sometimes. There is a nurse office but no extensive health programs.
There are really no extracurricular activities at this school. There is the National Honor Socitey and Robotics, but thats about all.
There are a few teachers that really care for the students, but the rest seem too impersonal at times. One teaher in particular, Mrs. Lorena Herrera, is probably the best Spanish teacher in all of New Mexico.
extracurricular classes were probably my favorite thing about the school because we had robotics, art, weight training, ultimate Frisbee, digital arts, and film and they were all taught by awesome teachers that made the class very fun and enjoyable.
its the only experience I've had at a real school but my experience there was amazing, met life long friends and teachers that became more than teachers but friends also.
the teachers will do anything just to make sure you pass their classes, if its staying after school after class tutoring. they are great teachers.
I love the early college high school program.
It has been great. There are many may opertunities
As a charter school we don't have very sports, focusing more on academics being a STEAM school.
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The staff is very helpful with all needs
Everyone is treated as members of a loving family.
Theres a multitude of resources available
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