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It's a great school that incorporates a lot of diversity. Teachers , staff, and faculty are always willing to help every and any student that needs it. The school also takes the safety of the students very seriously.
The School of Business, Technology, Marketing and Finance is exceptional. I love how my teachers have established relationships with my peers and I. The staff of BTMF wants us to succeed and I know I am with their continuous help.
I didn't like the school a lot because its whole infrastructure has barely improved and the only thing that they have somewhat improved are its administration/rules.
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My experience in the school of business, Technology, Marketing & Finance has been an journey over these past 3 to 4 years. I had my times with one or three teachers but I have overcame the bad part of them and starting to grow up. I really don't like the school but I need my education. This school can be better and clean up more plus get some new technology for the students to learn in the way of our future.
My experience in the school was great is a well manage school they prepare you for college. The teachers are always there for you and always there to help. Its was a 4 year journey that I enjoyed.
My experience with School of Business, Technology, Marketing & Finance
is great but it could always be better, when it comes to academics, teachers, resources, and parent involvement. They're not the best but it's not the worst.
BTMF is an OK high school. The administration is very concerned about uniforms. They should be more concerned about books for our classes and supplies to use during testing. The only thing that I do like about BTMF is that I'm graduating this year to go to bigger and better things for my future.
I didn't like my experience at BTMF that much. The main thing I liked was meeting the people I am friends with now. I didn't want to come to this school but I had no choice but to come. I do not wish to pursuer a career in Business, Technology, Marketing & Finance but if I did I would not recommend coming to this school. When you pick your pathway the whole point is to start focusing on that specific path you picked. Having only one forty minute class isn't going to get you ready for a career in that area of study.
My overall review of the school of Business, Technology, Marketing and Finance is it was better than I expected it to be. I came to this school because it was my only option but I ended up liking it. The experience I had in high school helped me grow as a person.
The School of Business, Technology, Marketing & Finance is an okay school. It have it's ups and downs but what school doesn't. They can improve there school by interesting there lesson plan so students will enjoy going to class.
My experience in my school was okay.It was not as great like I would had like it to be.This is not that bad but it has a lot of problem evolving the student.Also what I would like them to do is fixed the school building form the outside and inside.
My experience in BTMF was poor. I was able to meet new people which is a plus however there is a huge lack of motivation in teachers and students. Overall the school lacks skills in many places.
The school of Business, Technology, Marketing and Finance is a very diverse school. When I was a freshman, this school was unorganized and students did whatever they wanted. Now as the years past by and that I'm a senior, the administrators have become more involved with the students and set some rules. This school has definitely progressed over the years. I feel as though the teachers have found a way to connect with their students even more for a better understanding of them.
My overall experience at the Academy of Business Technology Marketing and Finance, was a bitter sweet one. At this academy I have grown and learned so many things with the help of lovely teachers. I have grown fond of some students as well whether we just socialize on class or we have a club or do an activity together. This academy have taught me many life traits that I seen suitable to carry over in the real world as soon as I have graduated. Leaving with be a sitter sweet money just like my experience but if I could change anything I would not.
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