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This is a great school if you are interested in pursuing a career within the arts. It also provides you with an understanding of the business aspect of a creative career.
I graduated from the School of Arts and Enterprise back in 2017, so it may have changed from when I attended, but I enjoyed The SAE's focus on not only college preparation, but the inclusion of art within college-prepatory curriculum. I was never an artistic person before I attended the SAE, and so I was challenged to create art when I had never done so before. While I gained an appreciation for creative expression, I gained the skill of interpreting the world through different lenses; more specifically, the SAE, with it's emphasis on creative expression, allowed me to become a person with broader perspectives and greater understandings of the world around me.
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Everyone here is welcoming and I have learned so much more than I have at my old school. I have achieved having better grades and have a greater interest in school.
Everything about this school is fake.
Do not believe anything this school advertises. They purposefully lie to try to get more students in. I know this because I was told by staff, and you can clearly see it after you join. People are too afraid to talk about it, so I might as well.

The 100% college acceptance thing is completely fake. Do you know how they achieved this? By kicking out any student who is failing. MANY kids drop out of this school, but most is unreported.

Kids constantly slack in classes, and most aren't spent doing work. We were told by teachers that when state officials come in to the school to pretend like we were working. So when someone came in the class, the teacher would look up at the board and pretend to teach, and when they left everyone went back to looking at their phones.

Sometimes classes don't have enough chairs/tables, and kids will sit on the floor.

Charter schools are great, but not this one. Consider taking your child somewhere else.
The teachers are excellent, they are dedicated to the student, committed to bringing out the best in every one in the class. The diversity in the school is great,the student is exposed to many different cultures, leading to better understanding of what maybe needed to be successful in the business world.The school also has some fun projects, the students made catapults one semester,and had a competition . The fathers were especially interest in helping with that project. The art students arrange their own showings.
The School of Arts and Enterprise is overall a very diverse place. I can argue that the School of Arts does hold higher standards for bullying and the staff does the best in their hands to handle the situation with care. Secondly, being a really small school is good because we get more time to ask questions, our class size's are smaller, and we get to build that family relationship with one another. The only downfall of it is that our school mostly focuses on the arts and sports are not really something they are considering in bringing into the school even though many students have requested it. As a student I believe sports can bring us closer together. Overall, the staff and teacher at School of Arts and Enterprise really care and value their students I do believe that they should take more of our ideas into consideration when making decisions.
terrible, terrible school. changes staff every single school year and the academics are horrible. the students there don’t give a care about the arts and would rather scream racial slurs all day and smoke in the bathrooms, school fights happen daily and the staff don’t care at all. the art teachers are the only redeemable thing about this school, everyone else in the staff makes students not want to show up ever again. terrible terrible terrible TERRIBLE enviorment, most students get bad grades and for good reason. no one wants to try as soon as they step foot in this school, it blows.
I like how the art teachers at that school prepares you for the art world outside of the school. My music teacher Mr. Ambrosini works with each and every student to make sure they are prepared for college auditions. He makes sure as musicians we are prepared to play at a college level by the time graduation comes so we are not caught of guard when we enter a college level music program. However, the arts at the school are at that college preparatory level, some of the academics are lacking in this category. For example, I felt that the schools math department is not as strong as it should be. I feel that the school should improve upon this to prepare their students for college level math by the time they graduate. Other than that the school gives an overall very good experience for all of their students.
Personally I love going to the school. The people there, staff and students, were just fun to hang out with. Everyone knew each other since there were only around 400 kids there. But the administration was really confusing. I lost count of how many teachers left within my four years at the school, but they seemed to have left because the administration board wasn't making things work for some teachers so they either let them go or the teachers left. Other than that, I love how I get to play music for almost 4 hours a day. Having 2 to 3 music classes each year was the main reason I enjoyed going to that school. So I would prefer this school to anyone that wants to pursue arts in the future.
In June 2018, I will have graduated with two and a half years worth of academic, artistic, and entrepreneurial education from The School of Arts and Enterprise. Through The SAE I have been immersed in a creativity-born community within the school and spreading throughout Downtown Pomona. Here I have participated in visual arts competitions, worked gallery shows as a docent as well as having been showcased in them, and have sold my artwork at the local Art Walk held every second Saturday of the month. The School of Arts and Enterprise is comprised of opportunities. I only wish they had more funding so they could reach their full potential.
Change schools this year from Walnut to The School of Arts And Enterprise and We are so excited to start this year off fresh! It's got really great reviews but it's the Students that have graduated this past year that we got to talk to briefly about their experiences at SAE that really convinced both myself and My daughter that this would be the best place for her education.
The School of Arts and Enterprise is a great school. They help prepare students who want to pursue careers revolve around the arts. The classroom sizes are small allowing the students to really have a connection with the teachers.
The school of arts and enterprise has been overall a good experience for me, personally, as both of the education and arts programs are done and executed well, and the small amounts of students make it easy to know everyone.
The best thing I love about my school is the community and environment. It is a tight nit one, so you always have people you can come to if you need help, whether it's a friend or a teacher. I also love the opportunities given to you. This is a school where you get back what you give, and if you give all your hard work, you will be given great educational opportunities.
I like how easy it is to navigate through all the scholarships and how it suggests scholarships you could be eligible for.
All of the teachers at the SAE genuinely care about each and every student.
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Although the classes required a lot of time and effort, they are very beneficial for future college level courses.
There are a wide range of electives that are centered around the visual and digital arts.
I really loved this school and after graduating, I feel ready to take on the world with a positive outlook in my future.
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