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SAS North has been the most incredible academic experience of my life. I have had the opportunity to engage in academically challenging courses and achieve my AA free of charge. Studying at SAS has been an incredible experience
A very great school and makes you feel prepared, it’s like a family. I’m very glad to have been apart of this school.
School for Advanced Studies is a very good if want to be college ready. The teachers are excellent, they are talented in what they do and want to see their students succeed. Academics is an important thing at SAS and only students who are willing to work hard and commit to studying will be a good fit for SAS.
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School For Advanced Studies North may come with a lot to handle through your Junior and Senior Year, however, it will greatly prepare you for the real world after college. The small population allows you to have great relationships with staff and other students. School for Advanced Studies also provides many opportunities for their students that regular high schools do not do. Although it may look hard, as long as you are committed your experience will be successful and yo will benefit from the outcome.
School for Advanced Studies is an amazing school, and I truly enjoyed the two years I spent there. The school is very challenging, and the teachers give an extreme amount of work. However, the teachers do an amazing job in preparing their students for the AP test, and for the workload we will receive in college. Along with receiving your high school diploma, you are able to receive your AA degree from Miami Dade College. I highly recommend attending this high school, if you're up for the challenge.
SAS North is a high school that provides school with a multitude of beneficial academic opportunities: dual-enrollment classes, advanced placement courses, a beyond helpful counselor. However, SAS is much more than academics. It provides students with a high school experience that one could dare to imagine. For instance, Thanksgiving celebrations, annual class trips, end of the year picnic,etc. In addition to all this, SAS acts as a second family - one which comforts and aids its students during times of distress. All in all, SAS is a high school that strives for excellence in all categories of life. If I was given a second chance to choose between my former high school or SAS North, I would choose SAS North; they provided me with so many opportunities of which I am more than grateful.
It is a great school. This school offers great growing up experience and makes you more mature, helps with time management. It could be better with diversity and clubs and activities, those areas are behind for a high school, but then again its not a traditional high school. Located on a college campus, the college readiness level is exceptional also as we are taking college classes as well. There are ,any mornings I wake up and don't want to go to school, but when I get there I feel better. The environment and the vibe of the school is great. The teachers do their best to connect with all the students and be there for the, whenever they have to, which makes the environment and everything else better. Our counselor is exceptional and does his best to keep all the spirits up and keep everyone happy because we are all stressed enough as it is. I didn't really have a choice in whether I wanted to go to this school but I'm glad I'm here, I will carry the experience I get with me forever
SAS is filled with loving teachers, counselors, and students who care for you but also challenge you to be the best person you can be.
I feel that the school is overall challenging yet helpful. Having to take AP courses and dual enrollment courses can be challenging but academically beneficial.
What I like most about of School for Advanced Studies is that it gives all students an opportunity to receive both their Associate Degree and High School Diploma at the same time. Also SAS creates an environment where students feel that they can truly accomplish their goals and beyond that.
I like school for advance studies because it is a very rigorous program that is getting me ready for college. Being able to take both high school and college at the same time while not having to pay is the best thing I could have asked for. I'll be graduating this year with both my high school diploma and my A.A. degreed which I am very proud of achieving. While it is a large workload the counselors and teachers work with us to help us through every step of the way. I love this school.
Best school I've ever attended. The teachers care about their student's success so much and the school just has an open and inviting atmosphere in general.
It's a means to an end, ig. :/ Although we technically have a lot of "freedom", I'm bored. I miss traditional high school thing like pep rallies and sports.
Because of SAS, I was able to balance the multiplicities of dual enrollment courses taught by Miami Dade College faculty and four high school courses taught by SAS faculty. Each class taught me the importance of delegation, and drove me to focus on the tasks I needed to accomplish for academic proficiency. Even though creating an efficient schedule was not something I was accustomed to, it has significantly improved my productivity in scholarly pursuits. By the Spring of 2020, I will graduate with both my Associates in Arts degree and my high school diploma as a result of success on the AP exams, CLEP exams, and summer school at MDC.
I like that my daughter is getting an AA degree without me paying a dime for it. School is clean . Got college experience and trained to go higher.
School for Advanced Studies is often called the best kept secret of Miami-Dade county. This is due to the fact that SAS doesn't receive the recognition it deserves. In my short time attending the school I've been treated excellently, always with respect and love, making me feel like im part of the big family. If I need advice the counselor and the seniors are always there to help me. Everyone treats each other in a very friendly way which is unlikely of other high schools. I am truly glad to be part of the SAS North family.
This program is perfect for those looking to challenge themselves. With such a small student population, it's easy to form a bond with the teachers as well as other students. The staff are super encouraging, and although the curriculum is extremely rigorous, there's always going to be someone who's going through the same struggles and is willing to help out.
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School for Advanced Studies is a second home to many. Everyone there helps each other out whenever someone is in need. Since it is a small school, everyone knows each other and we're all like a family. The administration is very helpful when it comes to search for classes and asking about deadlines for a field trip or for another event. The teachers at the school are wonderful. With years of experience in the teaching world and some with multiple degrees, the learning environment has helped all the students work hard and pass the final or AP exam. Because it's a dual enrollment school as well, the professors treat us just like college students and push us to do our best
This school is actually a very good school. You take college classes and highschool classes but the counselor there is very helpful(there's literally a full class period just for counseling). The teachers are also available way more often during office hours because there are less students and they provide tutoring and aid with your homework for free! We also have events with the other campuses like SAS Olympics(which our campus won)!
School for Advanced Studies-North also known as SAS is an amazing school. The teachers and staff are so supportive and the curriculum is extremely rigorous. Every one knows everyone and its beautiful how they all get along and support each other wholeheartedly.
The classes are all AP classes and the teachers prepare you for your AP exams extremely well. It's up to you to put the work in and earn the credit.
Overall, although the school doesn't focus well on extracurricular activities, its amazing atmosphere and academics will prepare you for the road ahead as you go to college.
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