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I enjoyed the small community aspect of the school. One thing I would like to see changed is the attitude of the student body from individualistic to more collective, providing more support for one another.
Schoharie High School was very welcoming and had a very pleasant first review. Most of the teachers will help each and every student individually. All of the teachers help students push to better their education. Whenever you need to get help from counselors they are always there to help you get through hard times.
Many opportunities in the arts and athletics
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Lots of volunteerism and cooperation/collaboration
Teachers are committed to the students and community.
There is so much to do here, the sports is so popular and the students get together and help out with anything the school might need. There are many clubs and organizations, that's why it's nice that it's a small school because everyone knows each other and they all like getting together and starting clubs.
I graduated Schoharie in 2015 and it was the first year I'd been there. I excelled. I had just come out of a complicated situation and the students and teachers alike were so welcoming and friendly. My english teacher helped me most of all. I graduated Salutatorian and a poet. Schoharie although small and seemingly normal is a great place to grow.
The teachers are one of the best things about Schoharie High School. They are all so kind and helpful. Every student including myself loves them. You can tell they really truly care about their students and their success.
Not a lot of options. Mainly tech/ag classes. The classes we do have are good though
My schools health and safety policies are okay. I school nurse is pretty good at her job. Now bullying on the other hand gets out of hand.
The extracurricular activities are FFA, FBLA, jazz band, key club.
What makes our school unique, well when a devastating event happens it brings us closer. For example, a teacher died unexpectedly and we did fundraising, tournaments in his name and sent his wife sorry letters. Plus, a lot of the students went to his funeral.
The teachers at my school differ. Some of the teachers go to the end of the earth to try and get us to learn the material and then some doesn't really teach us well. Some of the teachers has read out of the textbook.
There are lots of safety procedures that they do. We had two drug searches this year and the nurse is always around and willing to help out even with the smallest problems.
There are many clubs to choose from and it's very easy to start a new club if you desire one
This school has helped me overcome many problems and caused me to understand what a good friend is. I have learned many things and grown as a person and this school has had a very positive influence on me.
There are lots of options.
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I like it for the most part.
The teachers here are a good and reliable resource in this school.
There's not a lot of safety measures, but it doesn't seem needed. There's not too much in terms of health programs or personal safety stuff. Some bullying goes on but it could be worse
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